Uddhav Thackeray

Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray, facing a revolt within his own ranks, was ready to resign on 22 June at 5 pm after it was clear that there was “no way out” of the political crisis facing the Maharashtra government but MVA allies convinced him not to resign, sources said.

The sources said that Thackeray was in touch with BJP leaders to find a way out of the political crisis facing the MVA government that includes the NCP and Congress apart from Shiv Sena. The sources said that Thackeray was scheduled to resign and then go to the memorial of Shiv Sena founder Balasaheb Thackeray on 22 June evening but that didn’t happen. Even Thackeray’s address scheduled at 5 pm was delayed beyond 5.30 pm due to the change in plans, they added.

In his address on Facebook on 22 June, Thackeray had talked about his willingness to step down if the rebel MLAs come to Mumbai and make such a demand. Hours later he left his official residence ‘Varsha’ along with his family members for the family residence Matoshree.

The CM said that he was willing to give his resignation to party MLAs who can take it to the Raj Bhavan.Thackeray had also indicated his willingness to quit as party chief if there is a demand from party workers.

Noting that a section of party MLAs was gunning for his ouster, he had said instead of going to Surat, they could have conveyed their feelings to him. Thackeray said it is a matter of shame for him if “even a single MLA” is against him.

He had said “if any MLA wants me to not continue as the CM, I am ready to take all my belongings from Varsha Bungalow to Matoshri. I am ready to give my resignation to the MLAs, they should come here and take my resignation to Raj Bhavan. I am ready to leave the post of Shiv Sena party head also, not on the saying of others but my workers.”

Thackeray had also referred to the ruling MVA alliance and said NCP leader Sharad Pawar and Congress chief Sonia Gandhi helped him a lot and kept their faith in him. He said when all three parties came together in 2019, Pawar told him that he had to take responsibility of the CM post. “I didn’t even have prior experience. But I took the responsibility. Pawar and Gandhi helped me a lot, they kept their faith in me. But when my own people (MLAs) don’t want me what I can say. If they had something against me, what was the need of saying all this in Surat, they could have come here and said this to my face,” he had said.