Shiv Sena leader Aaditya Thackeray claimed that on 20 May, CM Uddhav Thackeray had asked Eknath Shinde to become CM if he wanted to, but at that time he did drama and now just a month later, he rebelled.

Aditya said this at the Yuva Sena national executive meeting. “But they (Shinde faction) aren’t capable of doing so, this isn’t rebellion, this is separatism. They took undue advantage of CM’s ill-health to do all this,” he said.

While terming rebel MLAs as “traitors”, Aditya said Maharashtra will never forgive those who have betrayed Shiv Sena. “Shiv Sena’s doors are open for those who want to leave and those who want to return to the party. Those rebel MLAs who are traitors will not be taken back into the party,” he said.

Attacking the group of MLAs who are currently in Guwahati hotel, Aaditya said it is good that some dirt has gone away from the party.

He challenged rebel MLAs and asked them to resign and fight the election. “This is happening for the first time in the state that the ruling party MLAs left the party to sit in the opposition. People are telling their numbers but I want to say that we have the figures. I challenge them to resign and contest the elections. The truth will come out,” Shiv Sena’s leader said.

Aditya alleged that Rs 9 lakh a day is being spent on rebel MLA Eknath Shinde-led faction while flood-affected people in Assam are left to fend for themselves. He also alleged some MLAs had been taken to Guwahati “forcibly”. Aditya said, “Lakhs of rupees being spent on our MLAs who were forcibly taken there; Rs 9 lakhs a day. Lakhs of flood-affected people are there in the very same Assam, they are left on their own. For the first time, the Opposition is supporting a faction leaving the ruling party.”

While addressing the Shiv Sena workers in Mumbai on Sunday, he said, “Looking at the last two to four days in #Maharshtra, it feels that those who left, left for good… the entire country saw that the person who did the most powerful work during #Covid-19 had to leave his official residence.”

Aditya questioned rebel MLAs who went to Surat, then Guwahati, to break the party, “Many people told me that many leaders will come but no one will be like this CM …

Why did rebel MLAs go to Surat, then Guwahati, to break the party? Many MLAs there look like they were forced to be there. 10-15 MLAs are in touch with us and they can vouch for this.”