Two Indians missing in Kenya killed by cops: Report

Two Indian techies who went missing in Kenya in mid-July, were killed by a special unit of state police, according to an aide of President William Ruto.
Former Balaji Telefilms COO Zulfiqar Khan and another Indian national Mohamed Zaid Sami Kidwai went missing more than two months ago after leaving a popular club in an affluent residential neighbourhood in Nairobi. Both Khan and Kidwai were in Kenya to join President William Ruto’s election campaign Information and Communications Technology (ICT) team.
“Asante sana (Thank you very much) President Ruto for DISBANDING the DCI Elite unit. This was one unit that was literally used to Kidnap, assault, maim and Kill innocent people. They targeted those who supported the election of Ruto as President. Zaid was such one person,” Ruto’s aide Dennis Itumbi said in a Facebook post.
“Zaid and Ahmad were just good people who became my friends and in the process connected with some in our team,” he added.
Earlier, police officers said that the CCTV footage had been retrieved from the scene of the abduction in a bid to retrace the missing people. A section of local detectives was also detained to help with the probe.
The detained officers were ordered to hand over a file with their findings on the missing case to a new team of sleuths, the Kenyan media.
“Evidence shows them getting into the cab, minutes later, a vehicle, the ones used by the ROGUE DCI Unit blocked the cab. Zaid and Ahmed were dragged into the car. Their cab driver too,” Itumbi said in the post.
Last week, the Indian government said it was in continuous touch with the Kenyan authorities and also keeping a close eye on the issue of two nationals missing in Kenya since mid-July.
Addressing the weekly presser, Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said that Zulfiqar Ahmad Khan and Zaid Sami Kidwai, have been missing in Kenya since mid-July and the government is keeping a close eye on this development.
“A police complaint has been filed there soon after that. Subsequently, a habeas corpus petition was filed in the Kenyan court,” said Bagchi.

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