Two from Hindu Sena arrested for attacking van carring Aaftab Poonewala

Aaftab Poonawala, who is accused of chopping his girlfriend Shraddha Walkar’s body into at least 35 pieces, was being carried in a police van outside the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) office in Rohini on Monday when two members of a Hindu group were alleged to have attacked it with swords

They are both from Gurugram: Kuldeep Thakur and Nigam Gujjar. They were turned in on Tuesday and given a 14-day custody sentence in a Delhi court.

The two were arrested on charges of rioting, unlawful assembly, interfering with the performance of police duties, and using criminal force. According to a senior police officer with knowledge of the situation, the scene included five swords that the suspected attackers used. The incident was caught on camera.

The officer cited the attack and said security arrangements outside the FSL office have been increased as Poonawala is scheduled to be brought there for the remaining session of the polygraph test. “Apart from the local police, personnel from Border Security Force have also been deployed. The police personnel to be deployed there have been instructed to remain vigilant and ensure no untoward incident like the one that happened on Monday.”

On Monday, while Delhi Police officers were bringing Poonawala back to Tihar jail following his polygraph test, a group of men claiming to be members of the Hindu Sena, some brandishing swords, attempted to kill him outside the FSL office. While Thakur, 34, and Gujjar, 32, were being held, several of the attackers were able to escape.

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