Twitter Target Audience: How to Find and Engage Your Market


Connecting with your target niche on Twitter can be challenging, but it does not have to stress you out. Various Twitter growth service tools and strategies can easily help you find and engage your target audience. These tips will help capture your niche and monitor and engage effortlessly and effectively with your audience. 

Finding Your Audience

  1. Collect users of a particular hashtag.

Look for hashtags that your audience is likely to use; the hashtags are likely to be linked with specific events or products. You can do your research and generate at least three hashtags to lead you to your audience. You can even generate a list for yourself through TweetBe.  

  1. Put keywords in your Twitter bio.

Whatever you are promoting, you can easily create a list of the people you aim to reach. To find them, you might need tools like Social Bro; here, you might need a subscription to search all Twitter bios using keywords or locations. You can also use the name or URL to locate the active profiles that meet your needs. Social Bro also allows you to turn your search results into a Twitter list. Another tool is FollowerWonk, where you can locate profiles using keywords, location, URL, and name. In addition to that, you can export to CSV or XLS.  

  1. Look for influencers who are active.

Find active people; by this, we mean removing anyone who has not posted a tweet in 60 days. Social Bro lets you select those who have tweeted within a given period. You can also see who has the most influence or reaches a certain number of followers. Finally, it can filter out anyone inactive for longer than one month.  

Engaging with Your Audience

You can create a tweet engagement campaign when you want your audience to be engaged. For example, if you are an online trader, this will allow you to select your audience before you tweet, thus increasing the chances of being seen by the target audience. 

If you want to increase your followers’ interaction, use photos and videos. A popular way of doing this is putting together around four images to create a video and then posting it to Twitter. In addition, the engagement allows retailers to participate in pop culture or seasonal events to try and boost sales.

One of the popular ways that online shop owners group their audiences on Twitter is through interests, followers, and keywords. All these are discussed in further detail below:

  • Interests – There are over 350 different categories that retailers can choose from; this form of segmentation allows marketers to reach a much larger audience aside from their following.
  • Followers – When trying to connect with a demographic niche, this method will help you get individuals who follow similar accounts.
  • Keywords – With this method, you will be able to find users who are searching for a particular word or phrase. It also allows for real-time communication between you and your prospective customers.


If you are a new business owner looking to find and engage with prospective customers on Twitter, this article gives pointers on how to begin and elevate your business to success. Try different methods and techniques to see which will work with your business and get you the best results.