Twitter stalls ‘Official’ label on selected accounts


After a series of announcements, Twitter has yet again announced while putting a stall on “Official” label on the accounts even though it is still going after impersonation and deception.

A tweet from the ‘Twitter Support’ account read, “We’re not currently putting an “Official” label on accounts but we are aggressively going after impersonation and deception.” Twitter’s executive Esther Crawford also informed why the “Official” label is being used.
“A lot of folks have asked about how you’ll be able to distinguish between @TwitterBlue subscribers with blue checkmarks and accounts that are verified as official, which is why we’re introducing the “Official” label to select accounts when we launch,” she tweeted.

Earlier Twitter started tagging Indian government handles and media as “official” before rolling out the blue tick subscription. In the Twitter handles of various Indian government organizations, the “official” label was noticed. For example, Prime Minister’s Office, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s official Twitter account, and Defence Minister Rajnath Singh’s Twitter account also have the “official label”.  

Twitter’s executive Esther Crawford said verified accounts will now come with an “Official” label beneath their username, complete with a grey verification checkmark, New York Post reported.

“Not all previously verified accounts will get the ‘Official’ label and the label is not available for purchase,” New York Post quoted Crawford as saying.

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