Twitter gets flooded with tweets on World Water Day

On the occasion of World Water Day, netizens flooded twitter with tweets. World Water Day is celebrated on 22 March every year. Considering the situation and lack of pure drinking water availability, we should pledge to save water on this World Water Day.
Secretary General of UN, Antonio Guterres tweeted, “Water is our world’s lifeblood, but it’s being poisoned by pollution and drained by overuse. This #WorldWaterDay let’s reflect on our individual and collective roles to sustainably use and manage humanity’s life blood. Let us take action to ensure equitable access to water for all.”
Pope Francis tweeted, “The international community must work together to guarantee access and sanitation services for everyone, so that the right to water, which is none other than the right to life , to a future, to hope, might become a reality at the universal level. #WorldWaterDay”.

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