Tu Jhoothi Main Makkar

What you sow is what you reap… Am I being too philosophical about this type of takeaway? Yes and No. Tu Joothi Main Makkar, is a Luv Ranjan film about today’s youth, who would be happy to get into a relationship and get out for the ideas and beliefs they want to stand for.
The story is built around a team that ensures creating breakups between couples via their mobile app and gets entrapped themselves in it. Starting with a lot of fun, songs, and dances that highlight the lifestyle of youth and give glimpses of twists and turns in the love life of various couples, the film runs slightly slow but surely entertaining through its first half.
Ranbir Kapoor as Mickey running a family business of Automobiles and Jewellery etc., also secretly runs a breakup service. Anubhav Singh Bassi as Manu Dabas, is a partner of Rohan Arora (Ranbir) happy with making money from break ups, doesn’t want to marry, but ends up getting married to Kinchi (Monica Chaudhary).
It’s at the bachelor’s party Mickey meets Tinni (Shraddha Kapoor) and they click well to trigger a passionate romance that finally lands in his family also meeting Tinni and planning their engagement. Things take an awkward turn on the day of their engagement when the breakup service managed by Ranbir ends up breaking their relationship.
At play is the aspirational, young, and independent woman who wants to live life on her terms, and not wanting to adjust and accommodate the family out of fear of losing her independence. Until the mystery of the beak-up service is broken by Mickey’s niece Sweetu (Inayat Verma), whose innocent curiosities have many times sent out smiles and laughs among the audiences, there is no clarity on what’s coming up next.
Now, Tinni wants Mickey to stop her from leaving India but Mickey letting her go, Mickey sacrificing his love for the love of his family, and his family wanting to bring them together starts a drama that takes the family right inside the departure lounge of the airport. And a fairy tale ending with even Tinni and Mickey being blessed with a baby.
Boney Kapoor fits well in the father’s role and so does Dimple Kapadia as Mickey’s mother and Hasleen Kaur as Mickey’s sister Minny. All have their bits and moments to impress the audience. However, one will always remember Ranbir’s dance steps in various songs, his complicated long dialogues that bring cheers among the audience often, innocuous queries of Sweetu splitting the audience into laughs, stunning locations of Spain, and the whole family at the airport saying it aloud Tinnnnnniiiiiiieeeeeee….
It’s a film for the youth, who are in love, those who want to be in love, and even those who want to break up from a relationship. And also for those who want to have light entertainment, a few fun-filled moments, and some cheerful laughs.

The author is the Festival Director of KidzCINEMA and CultureCinema, who also writes on entertainment, spirituality, and culture.
Twitter: @praveennagda

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