US President Donald Trump has gained a seven-point lead over Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in the battleground state of Iowa, just before the election day on 3 November, according to a new Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa poll released on Saturday.

As per the survey, Trump has garnered 48 per cent support while Biden managed to garner 41 per cent, with Trump’s lead being outside of the survey’s 3.4 margin of error, reported The Hill. The poll could be an indicator that Trump is pulling ahead in the state after recent polls in Iowa showed him neck to neck with Biden.

The poll released on Saturday found that Trump has a 14-point advantage over those who identify as independent, winning 49 per cent of support from the demographic compared to 35 per cent for Biden. The president also holds a 24-point advantage over Biden for men in the state (56 per cent to 32 per cent).

Biden carries women voters by 5 points, garnering 50 per cent support from the demographic compared to Trump’s 41 per cent, according to The Hill.

Earlier last month, a Monmouth University Poll showed Trump with 48 per cent of support as compared to Biden’s 47 per cent.

Trump and Biden have both campaigned in the state this month, and Trump is expected to hold another rally in the state on Sunday. (ANI)

Meanwhile, Trump on Sunday launched his final, two-day sprint of campaigning across the battleground states to make a 2016 presidential battle repeat to register a come-from-behind victory over Biden. Trump is set to make stops in crucial states to make a last-minute surge in his fortunes.

Biden’s national lead over Trump has stayed relatively steady in recent months as Covid-19 has persisted. He is ahead 51% to 43% in the latest Reuters/Ipsos poll taken 27-29 October. But Trump is still close to Biden in enough state battlegrounds to give him the 270 state Electoral College votes needed to win a second term. Reuters/Ipsos polls show that the race remains close in Florida, North Carolina and Arizona.

On Sunday and Monday, Trump would stage 10 rallies—five a day—making it the campaign’s busiest stretch. He aims to generate enough momentum to drive an overwhelming turnout by his supporters on Tuesday, Election Day. On Sunday, he will hold rallies in Michigan, Iowa, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida. On Monday his campaign has scheduled events in North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, and two in Michigan.

He will close out the two-day swing with a late-night rally on Monday in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the same location where he finished his campaign in 2016. In his improbable victory four years ago, he took Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, three states that for decades had gone in the Democratic column.

At a rally on Saturday in Newtown, Pennsylvania, Trump seemed to lament his close race with Biden, who he considers a weak opponent. “This could only happen to me,” Trump said. “How could we be tied?”

Despite Biden’s lead in national opinion polls, the state-by-state surveys of battleground states show a closer race.

As per a Reuters report, to win again Trump has to chart a narrow path by winning states he won in 2016, like Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, Iowa and Arizona, and holding at least one of the Midwestern states that he took four years ago, such as Pennsylvania, Michigan or Wisconsin.


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