Tragedy Strikes as Kabaddi Players Assault and Kill Constable During Restaurant Scuffle


In Barnala, a tragic incident unfolded on a Sunday night around 11:30 pm, involving eight kabaddi players and Constable Darshan Singh, a 50-year-old police officer stationed at the City Police Station. The incident occurred at a restaurant in the 22-acre Market.
The confrontation erupted when the kabaddi players engaged in a dispute with the restaurant staff over settling the bill. Restaurant employees eventually called the police for assistance.
Constable Darshan Singh and two of his colleagues arrived to intervene and defuse the situation. Unfortunately, the kabaddi players, who were reportedly under the influence of alcohol, turned violent and assaulted Constable Darshan Singh. He suffered severe injuries and lost consciousness during the altercation. He was promptly taken to the civil hospital, where, regrettably, he passed away while receiving medical treatment.
The alleged assailants fled the scene after the assault. As a response to this tragic incident, Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann has announced financial aid of Rs 2 crore for Constable Darshan Singh’s family, with Rs 1 crore to be provided by the state government, and an additional Rs 1 crore from HDFC Bank.
The police have managed to identify four of the kabaddi players involved in the incident, but the remaining four are yet to be identified. Those identified are Parmjeet Singh (alias Pamma), Jugraj Singh (alias Raja), Baljeet Singh, and Gurmeet Singh, and they are currently on the run from law enforcement.
A case has been registered against the accused kabaddi players under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), which deals with the crime of murder. The investigation continues to bring those responsible to justice