Traffic decongested at the point of revolver

In Punjab’s Amritsar, when a person got stuck in a traffic jam, he took out a revolver. At the point of the revolver, he got the jam opened and went away. However, during this time he did not fire any bullet. Meanwhile, someone made a video of him opening the traffic at gunpoint. After the video surfaced, the police also got alerted. The search for the person has started.

It is not yet known whether the revolver is licensed or kept illegally. According to the initial investigation of the police, this incident happened on Sunday late afternoon at Putlighar market in Amritsar. The person came here in the car. During this there was a jam for a long time. When the vehicles did not move ahead, he got angry. He got out of the car and asked people to remove the vehicles. When no one listened, he took out the revolver.

After this, he kept asking to remove the vehicles by waving the revolver forward. Seeing this, the people standing there stopping the vehicles were also scared. They immediately removed their vehicles. He got the traffic cleared in a while. It is seen in the viral video that the person has a revolver in his hand. He is seen gesturing with a revolver and asking the vehicles to move. Seeing the revolver in his hand, the stopped vehicles on both sides also started moving fast.

However, during this period he is not seen pointing the revolver at anyone. The shopkeepers of the area are also shying away from saying anything about it. Police is identifying the person at their level. In Punjab, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government led by CM Bhagwant Mann has banned the display of weapons. Even cases are being registered against those who put photos with weapons on social media. ACP West Kanwalpreet Singh says that the accused is being ascertained. On the other hand, SHO Cantt Khushboo Sharma said that efforts are being made to trace the accused since the video was received. CCTV cameras are being scanned so that the accused and his vehicle can be identified.

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