Top Haryana cop explains why his new book deals with soul

Science does not consider soul, but it remains the essence of life. Without soul, there can be no existence of life and body. In an interview with The Daily Guardian, Sanjeev Kumar, senior IPS officer and Additional Director General of Police in Haryana, talks about his new book, ‘Consciousness Explained Scientifically by Soul’, and why its relevant in today’s times. Excerpts:

Q. What motivated you to write this book that deals with the complex issue of body and soul?

A. About four years ago, I suffered from a disease and prayed to God. Soul exists and it’s the sole reason that I am alive today and this inspired me to write this book. Besides, it’s the soul that has created the whole life and the world. It’s a crucial aspect to understand the tricky idea of consciousness. Earlier, I would face the problem of lack of interaction between my soul and body which led me to explore this idea.

Q. What does it say about life?

A. No one can imagine life without soul as even DNA, RNA, fat and molecules together are not in a position to create life.

Q. What is the connection between subjectivity and soul?

A. Subjectivity justifies its existence as everything can be felt because of the soul. According to Australian scientist David Chalmers, subjectivity can neither be seen nor felt. He also described consciousness. Several things can be seen and felt, barring a few. Here the soul comes into play making us sense the unseen. It also gives us the strength to understand the eternal things.

Q. Does free will exist?

A. The concept of free will exists due to the soul. Every task can be done as it depends on our will.

Q. What does the book divulge about body and soul?

A. For me, both body and soul are equally crucial. Additionally, continuous interaction between them is required for their justification. The book explains that the body also exists in this world apart from the soul.

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