Top five weirdest superstitions in India 

India has a unique set of strange superstitions, the majority of which misrepresent reason. In our country, more than half of the population believes in superstitions without valid scientific reasons. Despite the fact that some argue for logic, the majority of people believe in and support superstitions. Here are the five strangest superstitions in India, which people blindly follow. 

Curse of 8 

Hindus believe that Shani is the ruling planet of number 8, according to numerology. They associate bad luck with Shani. And therefore, if you are ruled by the planet 8, you should be extra careful as there will be lots of obstructions, limitations, and frustrations in your way. 

Onions and knives 

With this, you run the risk of being cut. When your mind is at peace, you will sleep soundly and completely. However, when you are upset or uneasy, there is a probability of interrupted sleep. 

Shaking your legs 

This is another weird superstition that people follow blindly. This superstition is possibly related to the old belief that shaking your leg represents idleness and that you are shaking off your wealth and good luck. 

Flat feet 

You may often hear from your grandparents that flat-footed people bring bad luck. This is the craziest superstition you can hear because this one questions the whole existence of a person. Many people believe that flat feet indicate widowhood; that’s why in ancient India, the mother of the groom used to check the feet of the bride during match-making. 

Cutting nails and hair 

Many people believe that Saturday is the day of Shani, so if you cut your hair or nails on Saturday, it will anger him and bring you bad luck. But if you try to ask people who have cut their hair and nails on Saturday, they will tell you that it only resulted in giving them a good haircut and neater nails rather than any bad luck.

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