Top five bizarre things you should never google

Do you love slasher genre movies and things that might freak you out? Here we are for taking this to an extreme level. The things mentioned below are extremely disgusting and gory that might make you uncomfortable and even sick enough to throw up, so make sure you never google them.

50-50 reddit challenge
A blurred image is shown, it could be either an adorable image or the creepiest and most disgusting stuff you might have ever seen.

Harley quinn baby syndrome
A disease in new born babies which makes them look extremely bizzare, this might make you really uncomfortable.

A disease in which teeth, nail or hair start growing at random parts of the body, looks extremely disgusting that anyone would throw up just by looking at it.

Botfly Removal
it is a surgery which is done to remove a parasitic insect called botfly which lives in human skin, it is really gross, please make sure you never google it.

The Backrooms
This a series of horror shorts created by YouTuber Kane Pixels. It includes images which depicts unusually empty places, that give an «eerie feeling of familiarity». So scary that it might give you chills.

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