India is celebrating its 74th Republic Day. It is the day when our constitution came into effect and laid the foundation of world’s largest democracy. Since the day, the nation celebrated its first Republic Day, India has come a long way. There have been many developments that has added to the glory of this nation. This year too, the pious day was marked with many firsts that added to the galore of the motherland. 

Kartvya Path 

The Republic Day parade, till now, was conducted on the Raj Path but in September 2022 Rajpath was renamed as Kartvya Path by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It is interesting to note that Rajpath, in the 29th century was named by the British as ‘Kingsway’ to honour King George V. It was later named Rajpath and now has been renamed as Kartvya Path. 

Made in India Weapons 

Only Republic Day is known to demonstrate the military and artillery prowess of India. Since the first parade at India Gate, the Army, Navy and Air Force have been showcasing their best ammunitions which also included fighter jets, missiles from other countries. But, this year the parade only showcased Indian made weapons. 

Women Riders on Camel 

The 74th Republic Day witnessed 12 women riders on the Camel Contingent of the Broder Security Forces (BSF). The camels are decorated beautifully, depicting the vibrant art & culture of Rajasthan. 

Agniveers added to the pride 

This Republic Day had the newly recruited Agniveers in the parade. The new cavalry of the young recruits waved at the crowd amidst thunderous applause and cheers. 

Garud Special Forces marched at the Kartvya Path 

The much coveted Garud Special Forces of the Indian Air Force were also the part of this year’s Republic Day parade. The Garud Commando Force was constituted in 2004 and was named after Garuda, a divine bird like creature in Hindu mythology. 

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