Top 5 AI Writing Generators to Write & Rewrite Any Content

If you’re looking for a quick way to craft high-quality content and take your content creation game to the next level, then what you need is the help of an AI writing generator. For those unfamiliar with these tools, they essentially utilize advanced machine learning and natural language processing models to analyze user input before […]

If you’re looking for a quick way to craft high-quality content and take your content creation game to the next level, then what you need is the help of an AI writing generator. For those unfamiliar with these tools, they essentially utilize advanced machine learning and natural language processing models to analyze user input before generating unique, coherent, and contextually relevant content in an instant.

In short, the use of AI text generators online can help enhance your productivity by ensuring that you can consistently churn out content at scale with minimal time, effort, and money required. To this end, we’ve reviewed and compared the leading 5 AI writing generators, starting with the one from HIX.AI. Find out more about each of them below!

1. HIX AI Writer – The most comprehensive AI text generator in the market

Pricing: Free trial available. The basic plan starts at $19.99/month

HIX AI Writer is an advanced AI-powered writer capable of generating fact-based, error-free, and plagiarism-free content based on freshly published sources. It stands out as the most comprehensive AI writer because it has 120+ specialized writing tools that enable users to craft content for any type of use with minimal input required.

From blog posts, emails, landing pages, product descriptions, essays, and social media captions to Google ad copy, HIX AI Writer has a specific tool that can generate quality content drafts. The platform also caters to content editing tasks such as translation, rewriting, summarizing, proofreading, SEO optimization, expansion, and more.

In addition, it facilitates effective content customization by allowing users to tailor the content to suit their desired tone of voice, length, language, etc. Plus, the HIX.AI writing generator is accessible via Chrome extension, which allows you to utilize its features even while browsing multiple sites such as Google Docs, Gmail, WordPress, etc.

This makes it versatile enough to be used by people in a wide range of industries, professions, and niches, be it marketing, advertising, academics, e-commerce, etc. You can also feel free to check out what other AI tools used for businesses have to offer by clicking on this article here.

2. Rytr –  Ideal for budget users looking for an affordable AI writer

Pricing: Free plan available. The saver plan costs $9/month.

Regarding affordability, Rytr stands out as the leading AI writer in the market. Powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3, it is a popular AI writing generator among many copywriters, academics, and brand owners who are keen on generating plagiarism-free content without paying an arm and a leg for it.

The tool also comes with an extremely user-friendly interface and offers 40+ use cases and templates, which means that it can cater to a wide range of content requirements. Rytr is mostly suited to producing short-form content, so it can typically be relied on to generate emails, ad copy, landing page content, reviews, descriptions, etc.

The tool caters to search engine optimization by helping users find optimal keywords for their intended topics and even generating meta titles. It also provides multi-language support that spans 30+ different languages and makes it easy to choose between 20+ different tones that range from casual, professional, informative, humorous and more.

All in all, Rytr is a great choice for those who find themselves on a tight budget but still eager to generate unique, quality short-form content.

Writesonic –  Best suited for generating on-brand quality content

Pricing: Free plan available. Freelancer plan starts at $16/month

Writesonic is an AI text generator trained on large datasets of text and capable of generating any type of content. However, unlike most other AI writing tools, this one excels at producing content that effectively mimics your typical brand voice and writing style.

This is made possible by allowing users to key in more than just simple instructions. With this platform, you can also provide detailed information like brand guidelines, trending keywords, and even past content pieces, which ensures that the generated text abides by the right terminology.

As a result, it is particularly suited to generating well-written content around complex and technical fields like academics, tech, law, etc. Additionally, it has a paraphrasing feature that allows users to rewrite whole articles easily, so it can also be useful when improving existing content.

The tool can also help with readability by improving the text’s overall grammar and flow, as well as optimizing the content by adding relevant keywords.

Hypotenuse AI – Reliable AI writer that produces high-quality long-form articles

Pricing: Free trial available. Individual plan costs $29/month

Hypotenuse AI is a top choice for those searching for a reliable tool that excels in generating high-quality, full-length content like blog articles, essays, reports, etc. However, what makes Hypotenuse AI unique is that it splits the content generation process into different stages, which means you have full control over what topics are in the final draft.

This ensures that all the major talking points you need can be organized beforehand, ensuring everything is included. The AI writer also caters to content customization by providing users multiple options, such as choosing targeted keywords, selecting preset tones, or creating your own.

So, while the entire process does extend for longer than other writing tools, the benefit is that it becomes easy for users to instantly generate articles that are on-brand and cover everything you want. As a result, it has become a top choice among online users when it comes to crafting long-form content.

AI writer Jasper AI is known for crafting SEO-friendly marketing content.

Pricing: Free trial available. Premium plan starts from $49/month.

Jasper is a highly reputable AI writer who is often regarded as one of the best in the market. As well as being one of the most expensive writing tools, it lacks a free plan, which is why it isn’t ranked higher on this list. However, it does shine at generating SEO-optimized marketing copy, which is why it is an especially popular tool among brands and digital marketers.

Whether you need help writing social media posts, blog articles, ad copy, product descriptions, or even scripts for YouTube, Jasper AI can help. On top of that, it offers access to over 50+ templates, and it even allows users to craft personalized templates. As a result, marketing content becomes consistent and repeatable.

In addition, the AI writer can also replicate your brand voice by analyzing previously written articles, ensuring that any generated text matches your usual tone and formatting rules. Furthermore, it is also integrated with Grammarly, which means there is less risk of dealing with grammatically incorrect content drafts.


The use of AI writing generators is a growing trend that many writers and content creators must be willing to embrace, especially given the level of competition in the current digital marketing landscape. The tools we’ve listed above, starting with the HIX.AI text generator, are the best picks for those looking to write and rewrite content of any type with ease.

However, do keep in mind that while these AI writers can streamline your content writing efforts, they still cannot replace human creativity and personality. Keep in mind that even as you use these AI writing generators, it is important to make your own edits, revisions, and improvements.




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