The Trinamool government has said that they want to verify the veracity of the allegations made in the report of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC). The ruling party wants to respond to every allegation made in the 4,000-page report in the Calcutta High Court. That is why the police superintendent of each district has been instructed to prepare and send a complete report based on the data from each police station.

According to sources, the TMC government is contemplating going to the Supreme Court concerning the report of the Human Rights Commission.

Commenting on the observations made about the post-poll violence in Bengal, NHRC panel said that the situation in the state is a manifestation of “law of ruler” instead of “rule of law”.

The report was submitted by the panel to the Calcutta High Court on July 13. In the report, NHRC has said that the serious incidents should be investigated by the CBI and tried outside the state, in fast-track courts, and also called for a court-monitored Special Investigation Team (SIT) to follow up on the investigations.

Meanwhile, it is time for the ruling party to reply in the court on July 22. According to sources, state Home Secretary BP Gopalika has asked every police superintendent to verify the veracity of the National Human Rights Commission report. He said he would look into all the allegations and send a detailed report to Nabanna. Also, police have been asked as to how many complaints have been lodged in any police station since Mamata Banerjee was sworn in as the Chief Minister, Information has also been sought as to how many allegations of political violence and political murder have been reported to the police.

According to the NHRC report, more than 15,000 people in 22 districts of the state have been affected by the unrest since the results were declared. The commission’s report mentions allegations of murder, rape, indecency, vandalism of houses, and arson. There was also talk of “inaction” in the state’s police administration. According to the report, information on the violence is in the hands of the commission through various sources.

A total of 1989 complaints have been lodged. Among them, the officials of the commission have brought up 1650 complaints in different parts of the state. According to those allegations, more than five thousand people have been the victims of the violence. In addition, 315 complaints have been lodged with the State Legal Services Authority. About 10 thousand people are affected. 57 complaints have been submitted to the National Commission for Women. Even after this, the rest of the allegations have been lodged by the permanent residents of the spot, from various camps set up by the commission.