Tips to buy an inverter battery


As you know has approached already and it is quite hot this summer and power cuts have also become very frequent. All of these things, make it necessary to have an inverter at home. You can not deny the fact that inverter is one such product whose demand increases the most in the summer. Do you have an inverter at home? It is good if you have. Otherwise, you should not make any delays in buying a new one. Also, if your existing inverter is very old then you need to get it replaced. But the question is whether buying an inverter is as easy as other shopping? If you are also doubtful about this then you need to know that buying an inverter is not an easy task. You have to be quite careful about many things such as brand, quality, capacity, etc. An inverter is not such an item that you buy very frequently, you may buy it once in 3 years or five years, or even more. But acting carelessly while buying an inverter may cause you to spend your money on it more frequently. However, even if you are buying only an inverter battery for home, you need to take care of these things. If you are willing to know about such points that you should be taking care of then you need to have look at the points given below:

  • You need to know your power requirements: When you are planning to buy an inverter there are a lot of things that you should be taking care of but one of the major things is what are your power requirements. It is not like you need to have an exact calculation of your requirements but you need to have an estimate of it. Many of you will be thinking of the inverter and generator as the same items. But both of these pieces of equipment are different. The generator can take any load of power. But the inverter can not do it. There are limitations on the load that an inverter can take. Therefore, it becomes essential to consider your power requirements. Otherwise, an inverter battery may not benefit you as much as it should. If you are thinking that an inverter battery will take a load of your entire home then you are wrong. Even if you will buy a heavy inverter battery, no doubt it will take a load of your fridge, AC, and other major items of your house. But the question is for how long your home appliances will be kept running on an inverter. Therefore, if your power requirements are average then you can go for an inverter. However, if your needs are high, you are left with the only option of a generator.
  • You also need to consider the starting power and the running power: Another important thing that you need to consider while buying an inverter battery is the starting power and the running power of the appliances that you will be running on your inverter. Before you consider this point, you also need to know that starting power and the running power of all the appliances are different. On this basis, you need to consider the starting power and running power. For example, if you want to run a CFL bulb that is 18 watts then it would need 25 watts approx. To start and once it is starred in will be stabilized at 18 watts only. But the bulb is a small appliance, there are big appliances as well that will be requiring more power to start, it could be double also. Such as a fridge, a washing machine, an air conditioner, etc. Therefore, before you finalize the inverter battery, you need to consider this point very carefully. If you do not know to make an estimation of power requirement, you can take help from an expert also.
  • Whether you need an inverter or a home UPS: Another important point that you need to consider before you put your money is whether you should go for an inverter or a home UPS. Many of you would be having a question in mind what is the difference between an inverter and a UPS. Let us tell you all that there is not any major difference between these two. Both performthe same work. Both are used to provide backup power in the case of a power cut. But a home UPS, as the name suggests, provides an uninterrupted power supply. There won’t even be a single blink while switching from the main power to backup power. Home UPS can also be called a combination of an inverter and a UPS.
  • The capacity of the battery: There are a lot of important points that you will be required to consider, among all such points, considering the capacity of the battery is another one. The term ampere-hour is used to define the capacity of a battery. This term will be helping us to know the power that a battery will be supplying in a given period. Let’s say the power of the battery that you have selected is 200 AH. It will be implicit that such a battery can supply 200-ampere current in an hour.
  • Maintenance-free battery: If you are going to choose a lead-acid battery then will be required to take regular care of the battery that you will have bought. The electrolyte level of these batteries is to be topped up to the highest level. Furthermore, these batteries are to be kept in a place that will be having proper ventilation because these batteries emit harmful and poisonous gasses. If there will be no ventilation then it will be having a direct impact on your health. But you do not need to worry because there are also maintenance-free batteries available that you can buy.

These are the major points that you will be required to take care of while buying an inverter or an inverter battery. However, you can also consult Loom Solar, which is one of the best inverter battery suppliers. You can compare the inverter battery price and buy the best one for you.

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