Tibetans hold protests in Tokyo to mark anniversary


Over 60 Tibetans and their supporters in Japan on March 11 held a demonstration through busy downtown Tokyo to mark the 64th anniversary of the Tibetan Uprising Day.
They remembered the sacrifices of those who had laid down their lives trying to thwart the military takeover of Tibet in 1959. The demonstrators, sloganeering against China to leave their homeland, and for the Communist Party of China to stop its human rights violations in Tibet.
The activists also protested outside the Chinese Embassy in Tokyo, urging China to respect the cultural and religious rights of Tibetans. In the evening, they held a solemn candlelight vigil to remind the world of the dire situation in Tibet and Tibetan areas of China.
One of the participants pointed out that at the ongoing session of China’s rubber stamp parliament, three out of four delegates nominated by the central authorities to the Tibetan delegation were powerful Han Chinese linked to the security services, while the Tibetans in the group were very junior, with no power.
Tibetans on March 10 also protested in front of the Chinese Embassy in Vienna, Austria. They held the protest against the Chinese Communist Party.Tibetan Uprising Day, observed on March 10, commemorates the 1959 Tibetan uprising against the presence of the People’s Republic of China in Tibet.
Tibetan diaspora was led by President Nawang Lobsang Taglung. A Vienna based NGO Voices against Autocracy also supported this protest and its members participated in this demonstration.Nawang said that the fight for Freedom of Tibet will continue in future.