Those who were in WFI’s hit list have been rewarded as coach

Four new coaches have been included in the Indian wrestling camp, who were not the choice of the Wrestling Federation of India. Some of them were removed from the national camp in the past and some kept their distance from the Federation.
Should it be taken to mean that the protest by the wrestlers against Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh, the then WFI chief, is getting successful. There are even allegations that Babita Phogat, a member of the Oversight Committee and former international wrestler, has played an active role in this development.
These four coaches are Sujit Mann, Kuldeep, Ajaydeep and Anil. Among them, Sujit Mann was sitting on the dharna of wrestlers at Jantar Mantar. Kuldeep and Anil have been included in the Greco-Roman camp. Kuldeep was not trustworthy from the federation’s point of view.
Only then they were removed from the national camp.
Railways’ Anil was also dropped after barely one camp whereas Ajaydeep was never selected by the Federation for the National Camp. He is an assistant coach in SAI and was transferred to Nashik. Have these four been rewarded for not being close to the federation?
It is a well-known fact that no camp can have more than six coaches but now with the arrival of Kuldeep and Anil, Greco-Roman style wrestling, now the national coaching camp has eight coaches of the same style. The meaning of this development is very broad.

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