There will be no excuse to avoid election duty: EC


The upcoming legislative assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh have ignited a controversy as government officials and employees are attempting to evade their election duties. The Collector’s decision to ban the leaves of all officers and employees has led to over 200 of them applying to cancel their election duties, sparking debates and scrutiny.

Most of the applications seeking duty exemptions citing health issues as the primary reason. One employee claimed a heart problem, stating that he continues to have chest pain that could hinder his ability to fulfil election duty. Another official cited high blood pressure as a reason for being unable to participate effectively, struggling with mobility due to the condition.

In one unique case, an official told ADM Ankita Dhakre that a family wedding coincided with the election date, making his presence necessary. Dhakre suggested to forgo the wedding and fulfil election duty. The official, emotionally overwhelmed, argued that missing the wedding would lead to complications at home and would make his life difficult. Seeing his condition, the ADM forwarded his application to the Deputy Collector.

The Election Commission, however, has decided to scrutinise these exemption requests more closely than in previous instances. They have shown a commitment to ensuring the legitimacy of health-related claims by involving medical professionals in the review process. Only after a thorough review of the medical reports will leaves be granted.

Madhya Pradesh is currently in the midst of preparing for legislative assembly elections, and officials from various departments across the state are being deployed for election duties. Despite the controversy and the desire to avoid duty, the Election Commission remains steadfast in its commitment to a fair and transparent election process.