The Women Writers Juggernaut!

Women in literature have always been a topic of interest, especially among literary circles and female bibliophiles. These literary events and announcements ruled the spotlight during the month of women’s empowerment!

The Dr Cuterus Podcast
One of the highlights of this Women’s Day was the announcement of Dr Tanaya’s latest life update. Following the resounding success of The Dr Cuterus Book, she launched her latest venture, The Dr Cuterus PODCAST! The podcast will explore a diverse range of topics, from the intricacies of the human body and advancements in modern medicine to amusing anecdotes, all while featuring esteemed guests including experts, doctors, and scientists. We look forward to marvelling at the extraordinary complexity and brilliance of the human anatomy.

Om Books Celebrates Women’s Voices
The remarkable and well-known name in publishing, Om Books International announced its latest event, Celebrate Women’s Voices. The event at Title Waves, Mumbai has a wonderful selection of women from the literary field. Be it Nancy Katyal with her book, Commit To Yourself, or Richa Lakhera and Priyanka Sinha Jha with their notable works, the event shall be eye-opening and insightful. It is a moment to acknowledge how far women have come and what a long way they still have to travel!

Exclusive Women in Publishing Summit
The Women in Publishing team organised the most significant virtual gathering for women in the publishing industry from March 1-4, 2023. With over 40 workshops dedicated to Nonfiction/General, Fiction, and children’s book authors, this event is certainly one of the highlights of the year. Curated for authors, editors, publishers, and marketers, this event culminated on International Women’s Day to celebrate, empower, encourage, and support women writers and professionals in the publishing industry. The goal of this virtual event was to facilitate networking opportunities, foster meaningful connections, and provide a platform for publishers, agents, and experts to collaborate with their peers.

Women Writer’s Fest by SheThePeople
Gurgaon, known for its MNCs, unfortunately, hasn’t been recognized for its thriving book culture and literary events. However, thanks to SheThePeople, that perception is rapidly changing. The Women Writers Fest (WWF), a highly anticipated event, always attracts a large and enthusiastic audience. Before the pandemic, WWF was organized in various cities across India. This year, on February 19th, SheThePeople brought the Gurgaon edition of WWF to the esteemed Kunzum Bookstore. The event was a resounding success, with attendees filling the venue. Participants eagerly engaged in the sessions, asking thought-provoking questions and expressing their desire for more.

Dehradun’s Women Writers’ Hangout
India’s leading book club, Booknerds in Dehradun, provides opportunities for women to come together and share their love of literature and writing. The third edition of Booknerds Women Writers’ Hangout event on March 5, 2023, brought together a group of talented women writers who shared their insights and inspired others to pursue their passion for writing.
Topics discussed during the event included creating compelling characters and stories, building a loyal fanbase, the role of diversity in contemporary literature, and the future of publishing and digital media. The panel of authors included Samantha Kochhar, Rati Agnihotri, Gunmehar Juneja, Aneeta Sharma, Indrani Talukdar, and Deepanjali Singh, each of whom had their own unique experiences and perspectives to share.


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