The Top Festivals and Events in the UAE You Don't Want to Miss

The UAE is one of the most happening places in the world. There is so much going on at different places in the Emirates all year. Especially, for tourists, some events and festivals should not be missed depending on the time you arrive. Get yourself a nice Sports car rental in Dubai service and prepare […]

The UAE is one of the most happening places in the world. There is so much going on at different places in the Emirates all year. Especially, for tourists, some events and festivals should not be missed depending on the time you arrive. Get yourself a nice Sports car rental in Dubai service and prepare to get excited with all the cultural attractions available here.

The country has an electric array of events for every preference. Whether you love the adventures of dune buggy or you are a jazz music lover, you will get what you want. Some festivals also include the heritage of Emirati culture. From centuries of local foods to shopping extravaganzas, the country offers much. So, here are some local UAE festivals to definitely not miss:

UAE National Day Festival

In the UAE calendar, the national day holds an important place. It comes on the 2nd of December marking the country’s formal independence from British rule. The day also marks the union of the country’s seven emirates. Dressed colorfully matched with the national flag, locals head to the streets with a wide range of celebrations. From dance shows to live concerts, cultural feasts, and more, you will get plenty of joy in seeing the country’s culture in all its glory.

UAE Awafi Festival

With its sporty nature, the Awafi festival celebrates the local history and culture of the union. It is one of the few remaining traditional festivals of the UAE. Visit the Ras Al Khaimah desert in January to see the festival. Scaling the tallest dunes in unusually crafted vehicles is the theme of the Awafi festival. Various competitions are held and there are many cultural events as well. Also, a main bazaar is organized with a heritage village show. Traditional coffee shops are on display as well. Get your G63 rental in Dubai service and visit the festival to have a great time in the desert.

Dubai Shopping Festival

Shopaholics see the Dubai Shopping Festival as a holy grail. Stretching over a month, the festival is one of the best seasonal activities in the United Arab Emirates. Locals proudly revamp their wardrobes every year, and so should the tourists. From attractive discounts to new designs and product lines, you will find just about everything. Shoppers galore is occurring every year at the festival. Also, many people make it s priority to visit the festival to hunt for the best deals from other countries of the world as well. The atmosphere is always electric and there is a great deal of energy with fireworks, concerts, and more.

Al Dhafra

Happening close to the Empty Quarter, Al Dhafra is one of the world’s biggest local Bedouin culture celebrations. Local Emirati traditions like falconry, traditional handicrafts, music performances, and camel racing are showcased at the event. Also, there is plenty for the kids as well at the children’s village. Cooking classes, art workshops, and much more indulge children in activities they love. Mazayna is the festival’s main event. The big prize money of USD 15 million is on offer for a camel beauty pageant. So, you can expect some of the most decorated camels on display.

Dubai International Film Festival

Movie lovers from across the world love the Dubai International Film Festival. The festival has been going on for a long time now. Directors, producers, and stars from all film industries show up at screenings in different parts of Dubai. This festival was launched with the aim to promote local filmmakers. It has screened more than 500 Arab films already over its 14 years. This one is also held at the end of January in Palm Jumeirah, Madinat Arena.

Dubai Marathon

The Dubai Marathon is one of the most exciting UAE festivals. It has three different races. The shortest one is 3 kilometers, then there is 10 kilometers one, and also the longest 50 kilometers race. Runners join from different parts of the world because the entry fee is quite negligible. Also, it is a charity-based event, so people don’t mind participating in the fitness competition. December is the time to visit this one right in front of the Madinat Jumeirah.

Dubai Desert Classic

If you are into golf, you’ll love the Dubai Desert Classic. It’s the biggest golfing event in the region and has been a part of the European tour since 1989. With its expansive prize money of $3 million, it is easy to see why it is popular amongst golfers. Played on the Majlis Golfing Greens in the Global City of Dubai, the event is a great option. The end of January is the time to visit the classic.

Dubai World Cup

Widely accepted as the biggest horse race, the Dubai World Cup is a must-see festival. The massive prize money of USD 12 million attracts the best competitors. The World Cup night has eight different dirt races including a purebred Arabian race. It is technically a 10-furlong dirt race for thoroughbred horses. At the end, the final race will occur at the Meydan Race Course in Dubai. The event in March is a much-awaited one for locals and international horse breeders.

Dubai International Jazz Festival

The dazzling jazz festival is known around the world and is highly participated by some of the leading jazz and pop stars in the music industry. Happening near the end of February, the festival brings life to the city. It is also one of the only jazz festivals happening in the UAE. The likes of Ricky Martin, John Legend, and Duran Duran regularly visit the festival. It will be at the Dubai Media Amphitheater.

The Eid Festival

There is nothing bigger than the Eid festival in all of UAE. Marking the end of the holy month of Ramadan, Eid brings joy and celebration to everyone. It is one of the most exciting times to visit the Emirates. Some like a G Wagon rental in Dubai suit the Eid setting perfectly. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the ideal cities to visit for the Eid festival. There are amazing fireworks, traditional foods, and kindness all around the region. You will always have a great time visiting around Eid time.