The show must go on!

Bhalla Calling Bhalla is the first-of-its-kind show which has been conceptualised, shot, edited and released during the lockdown.

Bhalla Calling Bhalla
Bhalla Calling Bhalla

Amid the gloomy news coming from the entertainment industry, there’s something to cheer about. Even as so many films and TV shows are getting stalled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there’s one — Bhalla Calling Bhalla — that has been conceptualised, shot, edited and even released during the lockdown.

Bhalla Calling Bhalla, produced by Blackboard Films, is the first fiction show that has been exclusively shot during the lockdown. It was made possible by all the actors who have donned multiple hats to shoot on their own at their respective homes. Not just the actors, but their family members too have gotten involved as professionals to help them shoot as per the director’s guidance.

Nikita Parikh creative producer of Bhalla Calling Bhalla, says, “When I and Vanshika Sharma conceptualised this show, we were sceptical about being too ambitious. How will any actor agree to play roles of DOP, makeup artist, hairstylist, costume stylist and art director, along with their respective character? But we are fortunate that actors agreed and their effort is for all to see.”

Nitin Jai Shukla, producer spearheading Blackboard Films, reveals, “This series was only possible because of the actors who came on board. I am blessed to have the actors who did everything by themselves and with their family’s help, donning various hats.” He informs that as soon as they wrapped up the show they received heartfelt videos from all the actors saying they don’t know what they will do from tomorrow and had such wonderful things to say and thank for. “I didn’t realise that it was such a big deal till the time we wrapped up the shooting. We are already missing our reading sessions on zoom where we all had so much fun. This is the true meaning of a virtual family,” Shukla adds.