The path of transformation

In today’s world, with the loss of spiritual identity, there has been for many a loss of power, direction, and hope. Often, there are times when we are surrounded by seemingly insurmountable problems and pressure, when the question of any sort of personal change can be seen as extremely difficult, if not impossible.
With inner resolve and strength diminishing, and with science and technology developing fast, it has been all too easy to become completely dependent on others and these burgeoning devices and creations of applied science. However, spirituality reveals to us the secrets and laws that have been ignored by many and forgotten by most. It tells us that the mechanism for change lies not with the prevailing gods of science and technology, but in the power of the individual consciousness. Spiritual consciousness is about being nurtured and sustained by the metaphysical rather than by any physical process. It is all about living and experiencing life centred on the wellspring of the soul’s original nature and guided by God’s pure energy.
Change comes when we decide to invoke and channel spiritual energy from the Supreme into the armoury of our own awareness. So empowered, we then have the strength to let go of the past and create a whole new pattern of powerful and meaningful behaviour and activity. Our link with the Supreme acts like a huge magnet drawing us deeper into God’s unlimited Ocean, an experience that becomes the key to unlock our soul’s internal treasure store. This connection with the Supreme is the catalyst through which the mainly unknown and untapped world of our inner being emerges and becomes available to our conscious mind.
It is then that we embark on the path of benevolence. Through meditation experiences, we gradually grow strong and confident. However, as our own inner world begins to transform and grow brighter, the external conditions of strife, depravity, exploitation, and inequality certainly remain and, in many instances, grow worse. Often, through the media, we hear of or witness traumatic happenings, like earthquakes, floods, brutalities, and war. Not only are we horrified, but also, because of the magnitude and distance from us, we can often feel helpless and inadequate. However, in this we underestimate the power of thought.
Through meditation we can step into a dimension of pure thought, into an eternal, timeless present. Here, in the same moment, we can be connected with all souls. Our consciousness transforms and connects with a universal matrix of energy systems that are linked and tuned into all things. From here we can give support, hope, and inspiration through our subtle presence, or we can direct pure and powerful thought along these subtle energy channels, to the hearts and minds of many souls. As we centre our mind in the heart throne of God’s love, we become a means, a channel to release light into our world, uplifting, healing, and restoring the animal kingdom and the natural and physical worlds.
This spiritual energy not only helps souls move into a more positive state of hope and determination, but more importantly, is a means to help revive the soul’s memory and relationship with God.

Jim Ryan has a background in education. He is an author and a Brahma Kumaris Rajyoga teacher, based at the Global Retreat Centre, Oxford, UK.

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