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Blue Heron Health News The Parkinson’s Protocol Book by Jodi Knapp is a revolutionary program mainly offered healthy and strong is key for everyone with Parkinson’s disease. Download PDF

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What is The Parkinson’s Protocol?

The Parkinson’s Protocol is the most natural program to help you stop suffering from Parkinson’s disease. 

This degenerative brain illness can be prevented from progressing if you use the insights provided in the Parkinson’s Protocol program. 

Jodi Knapp, the author of The Parkinson’s Protocol of Blue Heron Health News, explains why most people get Parkinson’s disease and how it can be prevented easily by following a few things regularly.

The Parkinson’s Protocol is a digital program that comes as a downloadable guide for anyone who wishes to improve brain health, boost dopamine and reduce their suffering from Parkinson’s disease. 

The guide is 100% easy to follow, read and implement, as every piece of information is written in simple English. You don’t have to be an expert to understand and follow the protocol; anyone can do it.

Parkison’s Protocol gives us 8 ways to get out of this degenerative brain condition in the most natural way. 

It does not involve taking any medicine or drug or even relying on therapists at all. Using the 8 steps, it is possible to get out of this terrible disease and its suffering. Even experts are shocked to see how effective The Parkinson’s Protocol is.

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How does it work?

The Parkinson’s Protocol is designed by Jodi to treat the root cause of Parkinson’s disease. Let us understand how it happens and how the program works to prevent its advancement. 

As per science, our brain degenerates after a certain age and progresses to Parkinson’s disease. This starts when the cells in the substantia nigra, a part of the brain, start dying. After a certain age, our body may fail to revive these cells.

These cells are responsible for generating dopamine. Dopamine is responsible for happiness, mood control, body control, and many important things. Lack of Dopamine is the real cause of Parkinson’s disease. 

To control the advancement of the disease, The Parkinson’s Protocol teaches us to do two things: save the brain cells and help them revive, and improve dopamine in every way. This is not rocket science. It is a fact!

As most doctors would only focus on boosting Dopamine and not saving the cells, the disease keeps progressing, and your suffering never ends

However, The Parkinson’s Protocol focuses on boosting the production, reviving, and regenerating of brain cells in the substantia nigra and boosting dopamine in any way. 

This is done in 8 ways, explained by Jodi Knapp in her digital program, The Parkinson’s Protocol.

As the program focuses on the root cause and makes sure the root cause is taken care of, The Parkinson’s Protocol is always a successful program that works for anyone with Parkinson’s disease.

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What is in the program?

The protocol contains a lot of important information on the disease and how you can overcome it. It mainly consists of 8 causes of Parkinson’s disease and treats for each. 

Jodi Knapp lists 8 ways people end up with Parkinson’s at any age, especially when they age. She also focuses on treating all 8 causes. 

Here are the top 3 of them:

  • INFLAMMATION: Inflammation is proven to be the world’s biggest disease-causing problem. It can kill humans easily. It can be chronic and difficult to solve if you use drugs and medicines only. However, Jodi Knapp teaches easy ways to include in our lives that can help us treat inflammation. These include dietary nutrition and movement. She explains how treating inflammation can help save the cells from dying in the substantia nigra part of the brain and boost dopamine production naturally.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL TOXINS: The environmental toxins may not even be visible to the naked eye, but we consume them, inhale them, and are surrounded by them. These toxins are dangerous, deadly, and disastrous for our brain health. They can degenerate the brain and cause Parkinson’s. If you follow Parkinson’s Protocol well, you will know how you have to eat the correct ingredients to detoxify your body from toxins. Also, the program explains ways you can avoid toxins. This can help prevent the cells from dying.
  • LOW MOODS & STRESS: Stress can be the beginning of mental issues. It disrupts your routine, moods, and energy. It can make you feel low and tired all the time. This progresses Parkinson’s faster than usual. To prevent low moods and stress from degenerating your brain even more, Jodi lists a few movements, foods, and tricks that you can use to refresh your mood and cope with stress in a normal way. If you do not treat stress this way, it may be difficult for your dopamine levels to rise normally.

The program also has a 12-step method to beat Parkinson’s disease. These are 12 small methods to implement good habits and quit the bad ones. Every step in the 12-step method leads closer to freedom from Parkinson’s disease. 

The program helps repair and restore your brain cells by implementing 12 easy habits. These can even boost dopamine levels very quickly, so you never have to suffer from a progressive Parkinson’s episode again.

When everything is implemented, you get 80% better in just a few days. That’s a great deal, isn’t it?

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The Parkinson’s Protocol should be followed as it is to experience the following benefits:

  • It helps stop the suffering among patients with Parkinson’s disease.
  • It stops the progression of this degenerative condition.
  • It boosts dopamine production naturally.
  • It helps save the cells in the substantia nigra part of the brain.
  • It prevents mental and cognitive decline at any age.
  • It saves your brain from being inactive and abnormal.
  • It helps sharpen your memory and focus.
  • It helps you remember details and respond correctly.
  • It boosts gut health and prevents inflammation.
  • It helps you fight environmental toxins that lead to brain degeneration.
  • It helps you fight chronic stress and boosts your ability to cope with it.
  • It increases cell rejuvenation to prevent speedy aging.
  • It helps take care of your health and helps stop the progression of other brain conditions naturally.

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  • It guarantees to stop the progression of Parkinson’s disease. As the disease happens in 5 stages, it helps slow down the progression and even reverse it in many cases.
  • It is a tried and tested approach that has proven to be successful for thousands of happy customers already.
  • It helps you lead a normal life where you are no longer dependent on medicines or drugs for better health.
  • It can be tried and implemented regularly forever. The habits and changes are so small they barely seem difficult.
  • It never causes any side effects, and you will never have to ask a doctor before starting the program.
  • It works best when you continue following it for a month or two at least.
  • It comes with a money-back guarantee to prove its effectiveness.


  • You can buy it from the official website of Blue Heron Health News only.
  • You must implement the 12-steps to see effective changes and stop suffering from Parkinson’s.
  • The results are guaranteed but it may take a while before you see the changes as it treats you in a natural way.
  • There are no medicines involved for quick results.
  • The program requires regular implementation, so if you are not dedicated, you may not see results at all.

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How much does it cost?

The program is available for purchase on its official website only. It is written by Jodi, a very experienced healer. 

It should be sold for a thousand dollars as it contains very precise and accurate information that can save you from this degenerative brain disease. However, they have offered a huge discount on the program on its official website today.

You can get the entire guide for just $49. This is a one-time fee, and you will never be charged or subscribed. The payment is safe, and you get many benefits. You get unlimited downloads, PDF/ebook versions, and lifetime free updates.

You can get the physical copy by paying extra for the printing.

Also, the program is backed up by a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee. So you can try Jodi’s methods and see if there’s an improvement.

If you’re not at all happy with the program, you can ask for a complete refund within 60 days of buying it.

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The Parkinson’s Protocol is an amazing guide, a digital program that you can get instant access to. You can now stop the progression of this deadly degenerative brain disorder that has been killing and disrupting thousands of lives every year. 

The program contains information that is so rare and natural, easy to follow, and guaranteed. 

You can now enjoy the perks of Jodi’s 8 ways to treat Parkinson’s and the 12-step method for a revolutionary breakthrough

It has worked for thousands of people already and can work for you too. So what are you waiting for? Click here to buy The Parkinson’s Protocol now.

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