The pandemic has bought us back to earth: Kay Kay Menon

In the exclusive interview, Kay Kay talked about his latest series Special Ops 1.5. The Himmat Story.

Kay Kay Menon
Kay Kay Menon

Actor Kay Kay Menon joined us for a fun chat as part of NewsX India A-List series. In the exclusive interview, Kay Kay talked about his latest series Special Ops 1.5. The Himmat Story. Read excerpts:

Speaking about his new series which is available on Disney+ Hotstar, the actor shared what really appealed to him about his, “The experience has been overwhelming. And I guess it is the writing and the screenplay which was so good. It just makes our job easier.”

Further, Kay Kay discussed about the response he received from the audience. He said, “Honestly, I am a non-narcissistic. I don’t remember compliments. It is very difficult for me to recollect. But for as fact I know the overall feeling of appreciation and I am very grateful for that.”

Sharing his opinion on OTT platforms, the Special Ops actor said, “OTT is a different medium where stories are slightly elongated. There’s an opportunity for film makers to boost it out properly. Each medium has its own charm and so does OTT. It’s a very individual viewing unlike theatres were you are mass watching. There’s no mass physiology here.”

We further ask Kay Kay about his pandemic experience and what was his take away from those tough times. Menon replied, “The pandemic has taught us a lot in terms of bringing us back to earth. We as actors are last in the chain of requirement. Long time back I realized that we actors are not so required for the functioning of earth. The moment there is a natural calamity, you wish that you have food, clothes and home. So, Covid taught us that there is something called human values.”

On a parting note, the actor revealed about the films that he considers to be a game changer in his career. “ When I began as an actor, I introduced everyone with my name followed by my profession which is an actor. So, when Sarkar happened for the first time, the ‘I am an actor’ bit needn’t be said after that. So that one of the stepping stones and after Sarkar people knew me as a performer. With time definitely I have evolved as an actor and it’s been an interesting journey so far.”