The nature of thought and consciousness


Our consciousness can be compared to the ocean in terms of depth and yet, because of attraction and distraction, it becomes caught up in the surface world of everyday events, and is caught up in that influence. As a result, we are never really able to explore the depths of our deep, spiritual self. It seems we are continuously being tossed here and there by the turbulence of our outer world.
As a consequence, thoughts of fear, worry, and constant anxiety are generated. We respond reactively to the orchestrations of materialism’s incessant mantra: “You lack, you need, you haven’t enough, you need to accumulate!”
As spiritual beings, albeit unaware, it becomes an almost impossible mandate to fulfil. So, materialism’s great anthems soon become hymns of hopelessness and depression.
Frustrated and unfulfilled, thoughts become like fireworks, lit by the touchpaper of need, greed, and fear, and exploding without warning. They wreak havoc and mayhem in our inner, emotional world and set afire the tinderbox dry world of relationships and connections. We are left drained, drawn, and empty and taint the surrounding atmosphere with the collective debris of our interactions. The nature of unawareness is that, though consciousness is one, its parts and particles become separated and unrelated by the lack of a cohesive and controlling real identity.
Through Rajyoga meditation, the mind is guided beyond the waves of our external awareness. The spiritual mind, now aware of itself, has the ability to control, hold, and assimilate its thoughts, nourishing the soul’s spiritual body of pure energy. Now connected and integrated, pure and positive thoughts can be created and generated.
As spiritual thought aligns and connects with its true spiritual soul centre, gradually, the matrix of separation and disharmony begins to change. Naturally and automatically, consciousness begins to piece together its disjointed world. As one aspect of understanding is investigated and addressed, simultaneously, all other areas are drawn in and connected. Eventually, the jigsaw becomes clear, the lines are erased, and consciousness is unified. This consciousness then becomes powerful and can move into expression, incinerating any remaining debris, and consciously creating a completely different, whole, and integral, enduring reality.
Jim Ryan has a background in education. He is an author and a Brahma Kumaris Rajyoga teacher, based at the Global Retreat Centre, Oxford, UK.