The Modi Magic

The Modi Magic sterns from the fact that PM Modi’s religion is India and welfare of all Indian’s. And he works tirelessly and most selflessly to this ‘tapasya’. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set a new benchmark in reforms and governance for the world to emulate and has ably steered India to be one of […]

The Modi Magic sterns from the fact that PM Modi’s religion is India and welfare of all Indian’s. And he works tirelessly and most selflessly to this ‘tapasya’.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set a new benchmark in reforms and governance for the world to emulate and has ably steered India to be one of the fastest growing economies of the world—stable and secure. He has a stellar status amongst the statesmen of the world today and is a true role model.
Within the country, PM Modi has taken unimaginable buoyant steps in every conceivable area. He has ensured “India First” in every policy formulation and execution. There has been a great leap forward in economic reforms, health care, serving the poor, Nari Shakti, ease of doing business, catapulting a tech-driven India, environment and sustainability and overall growth in all sectors. His devotion, grit and determination have rejuvenated and resurged India’s unity, development and pride of a great new India.
PM Modi has brought “Vikasvaad” into the mainstream. His aim and efforts will enable India achieve 500 GW of green clean energy which will be a great boon and his gift to India and the whole world. The International Energy Agency has called India’s almost last-mile electrification the largest expansion of access within 1,000 days.
The patriotic and deft manner in which the Prime Minister led and guided the country during the COVID-19 catastrophe has been unparalleled and also emulated by many countries in the world. India’s commitment towards the global community, highlighted several times by PM Modi’s repeated assertion of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” (The world is one family), as a guiding principle for our foreign policy, took shape in the most profound form in the form of the “Vaccine Maitri” campaign. India had the largest vaccination programme in the world and, as the “pharmacy of the world”, supplied vaccines to over 250 countries and medical equipment and pharma products to several countries, saving millions of lives across the world. During this period, India ran the largest food security programme for the poor. Indians stranded abroad were brought home through Vande Bharat, the largest evacuation exercise in history from Ukraine, Afghanistan, Sudan and Israel. The Ayushman Bharat — is the world’s largest health insurance programme.
While many economies continue to struggle with sluggish economic growth and record- breaking inflation after Covid – 19, India has been recognised, by global institutions like the IMF and World Bank, to be one of the fastest growing economies among the nations of the world—“a bright spot on this otherwise dark horizon” and is one of the fastest growing economies.
The government’s Aatmanirbhar Bharat plan turned the crisis into an opportunity and gave the much-needed impetus to economic growth. Under PM Modi’s leadership, India is taking giant strides on all fronts. Several economic reforms have taken place since 2014. Inflation since 2015 has been under control. After the enactment of the Indian Bankruptcy Code, major cases of loan default have been resolved expeditiously. The introduction of GST proved to be of immense benefit to both consumers and business and has also reduced the scope and incentive for tax evasion. Following the Prime Minister’s maxim of “Minimum Government, Maximum Governance”, the Modi government has not only allowed privatising government businesses but also permitted the private sector to compete in areas where public sector presence may continue. Priority has been given to improving the infrastructure; enacting the Real Estate Regulatory Act has protected the middle class. Faceless tax assessment has reduced corruption. Programmes to reduce pollution, the Swachh Bharat Programme and making India ODF are some of the other progressive reforms which have taken place. The Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana, PM Kusum, the Ujjwala Yojana, Ujala, Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Gram Jyoti Yojana, introduction of Aadhar, Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY), Pradhan Mantri Avas Yojna, Jal Jeevan Mission for safe and adequate drinking water, labour law reforms and innumerable other steps, schemes and missions, have provided great relief to the populace. Under the Business Reforms Active Plan, over 300 reforms across 70 action points for state governments, to develop an investor friendly eco system, have been introduced.
PM Modi’s active monitoring has made the infrastructure turnaround possible—be it highway construction, rapid increase in the construction of rural roads, a massive capacity expansion in the railways and metro rail in the last eight years or building or operationalising 66 airports and ensuring air connectivity to innumerable tier-2 and tier-3 cities. Digital connectivity and IT infrastructure have become critical determinants of our economic growth. The Cross Border Real Time Payment System connectivity too has been set up. India also aims to establish a place globally in the semi-conductor and electronics value chain. Further, emphasis is being given on the use and advancement of artificial intelligence. Recently the Modi Government approved the National Quantum Mission and became the sixth nation to join this venture.
Over the last eight years, India has emerged as a global leader for climate change and has committed to net zero emissions by 2070.
It has only been due to the vision, wisdom and sterling leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi that the security scenario in the country has improved dramatically. On the security front, Modi 2.0 envisions transformation of India into a new strong India—strong, secure, prosperous and invincible – an Aatmanirbhar Bharat, Sashakt Bharat, Swabhiman Bharat and an Ekatma Bharat.
The creation of the two Union Territories of J&K and Ladakh has been the greatest momentous achievement since Independence. With government priority on development for the people, the two Union Territories are witnessing a spate of unhindered development as never before. PM Modi has changed the “taqdeer” and “tasveer” of Kashmir. The policy of zero tolerance as terrorism has ensured a stable and secure nation.
It is only because of PM Modi that infrastructure on the border has been strengthened on all borders, especially the Indo-China border. His visit to Ladakh to motivate the soldiers was truly a reflection of the greatest leadership and will not only go down in the annals of history but has also sent a firm message and a show of solidarity of a united India.
The government has firmly and effectively tackled the issues of illegal migration, drugs-arms-human trafficking, smuggling, influx of fake Indian currency and activities of insurgent groups.
The Prime Minister’s personal intervention has led to building up a sound disaster response and sustainable disaster resilient infrastructure and India has taken a lead role in organising partner-nations to be disaster resilient.
All this will prove how patriotically the Modi government has kept the citizen—who is an equal stakeholder in national security—secure against all kinds of threats, external and internal. Here lies the accomplishment of a determined government which wants India to be one and committed towards the welfare of its countrymen. All this is because PM Modi’s religion is India and welfare of all Indians.
On the foreign policy front, India has taken successful initiatives in the Gulf region. The essence of PM Modi’s foreign policy is India’s national interest. We have a pro-active Act East Policy, neighbourhood first Policy and our Indian Ocean outreach is commendable. There has been proactive Indian involvement in QUAD as also our role in the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, COP 26 Summit, FATF, IONS, IORA, BIMSTEC, BBIN, Pacific Islands Forum Summit, India CARICOM meet, G-7 Summits and the UN. In G20 Indian leadership was inclusive, decisive and pro-active and we achieved the consensus of all nations very successfully.
It is all these patriotic steps taken by PM Modi which have endeared the people of India to believe and cast their confidence in him to get the BJP in majority in the three important bastions of India –– a rehearsal for the 2024 elections.
R. K. Pachnanda is a former Chairman, Haryana Public Service Commission. His views are personal.