The magic of meditation


Magic is a means to make the impossible possible. The subject of meditation has long been associated with magic; its form and processhave tales steeped in many forms of mystical claimsthatmediation bringsincredible inner and outer changes from deep insights into knowing and awareness.

Meditation is a subtle experience, and its effects are the same.Inevitably, in trying to grasp and understand such subtlety, the external, physical mind will use its world of physical example and analogy. In doing so, it draws and pulls meditation into its world; itbecomesa physical, mechanisticprocess that can improve, create change, and renew things that are not working. It becomes another appendage of materialistic consumerism, a process to attain and accumulate. It makes the user a more competent communicator, a reader of situations, and a more amenable and attractive personality that others would prefer to believe, follow, and listen to.

So, meditation becomes a tool for refining the external form, in the world of form, to show how to cope, deal with,and improve the self andcircumstances that surround the self. Used in this way, it doestake the meditator into a space of greater calmness, lucidity, and awareness.However, it producesonly a short-term return, bringing benefitthroughaddressing theneeds of the moment and therole being played, but not changing and working on the individual’s inner world.

In today’s world, many carry karmic effects created by wrong thinking and action, resulting in rigid and disabling mindsets and related physical dysfunctionsthat become prisons for the spiritual soul in multiple ways.Meditationhelps to freethe soul from these karmic patterns, and heal the resultant effects, bytaking the mind into a non-physical, subtle spaceto reconnect with itsown pure consciousness.

This is the real purpose, the real magic of meditation -enabling the soul to disassociate itself from past negative effects of things not working or correctly aligned, and to begin reasserting a new and more effective set of spiritualmores,producing a much greater feeling of harmony and well-being. The spiritualised mindcan nowgain a wider perspective of situations and relationships, how circumstanceshave arisen and arrived at their present state, and what interventions are needed to reach a successful conclusion.

The soul facilitates this overarching deep awareness through its empowered intellect, a unique instrumentthat now naturally becomes the mind’s clear mode of discernment.This regenerated subtle intellect, now free of narrow, limited perspectives and old programmed responses, provides the soul with correct insightsto interact and connect withits world more positively and beneficially.

The great wonder of meditation does not end here; by far, its greatest revelation, and I believe its main purpose, is its ability to gift the soul the wherewithal to understand, recognise and connect with God’s vast and unlimited energy.Freed from the constraints of physicality and dependency on form, the mindin this union of energiesis able to rejuvenate its own diminishing energy levels, relinquish old patterns of negative thinking and activity, and create such an awareness that its life becomes totally and positively transformed.

From this unity with God’s great mind, an incredible occurrence happens. A huge tsunami-likewave of spiritual energy is released, flooding and impacting the surrounding physical and natural worlds, connecting and drawing all into thehealing,vibrational field of God’s spiritual energy.Maybemeditationisa type of magic or something we have no language to describe, because it concernsthe manifestation ofGod’s unique power in the consciousness of mankind.

Jim Ryan has a background in education. He is an author and a Brahma KumarisRajyoga teacher, based at the Global Retreat Centre, Oxford, UK.