The Jhadol-Jobat Royal Wedding

Udaipur, the city of lakes lit up recently to the sights and sounds of the most gracious royal Jobat and Jhadol wedding between Rajkumari Maanvi Kumari of Jobat with Kunwar Tejveer Singh Jhala of Jhadol. Done keeping all the traditions of Rajput wedding sacrosanct, the wedding saw royal and noble families from across India grace the occasion. As many havelis that dot both the banks of the lake got filled with guests, Amet Haveli, got lit up to the festivities that filled the threeday wedding.

A graduate in Luxury Management, Maanvi, a smart and enterprising royal scion worked for Issey Mikaye and Brooks Brother in the US before joining Condenast’s marketing team before leading the Royal Fables heritage platform. Her work with heritage platforms focused on art, cuisine, cultural and textile revival and preserving work is also a step in that direction.

Granddaughter of Princess Shailesh Kumari of Marwar, Jodhpur who got married into Banswara, Maanvi from her paternal side is the only grandchild to late Rana Saheb Arjun Singh of Jobat. Nestled in the heartland of Madhya Pradesh, Jobat is home to one of the oldest Rathore dynasties. The fort built in Samvat 1648 (Indian calendar) is a private residence of the family currently. Kunwar Tejveer Singh Jhala is the eldest son of Maharaj (Dr.) Yuvraj Singhji Jhala of Jhadol. Tejveer is primarily managing his family properties and professionally in the hospitality line. Polo and riding is something that runs in his blood —a skill he’s learnt growing up from his grandfather. Currently continues to play in Udaipur as it’s something he’s extremely passionate about. History is something that intrigues him he’s done projects on period films and directed horse sequences. Some of his work projects involve Mirzya, Padmavat, Panipat, etc. The Jhala clan played an essential role in the history of Mewar as brave warriors. Six generations from then on fought on the battlefield, two out of six fought and died as the Maharana of Mewar (Ajja Singhji Jhala & Maan Singhji Jhala). The wedding was graced by the Maharaja of Jodhpur Maharaja Gaj Singhji (Maanvi’s grand uncle), the Maharana of Udaipur Mahender Singhji, the Nawab of Rampur, her uncle Maheshwar Singh from Banswara, grand uncle Raja Raghavendra Rathore amongst others. The best of Jodhpur and Indore families mingled with the royals and nobles of Udaipur. The Jenana Mehfil lit up to the sound of ghoomar as the many functions of Padla Dastoor, Bana Dastoor and Ganesh Staphna added to the auspicious revelry. The groom, a strapping young lad came riding majestically on a horse. As tradition would have it, he was greeted by the mother of the bride and blessed by all the aunts in the Jenana. The Limdi, Rohet, Bhainsrorgarh, Barwani, Kacchi Baroda, Jhabua, Badnore, Pratapgarh, Kangra-Lambragaon amongst many others graced the festivity. memorable Ceremony ANSHU KHANNA Udaipur lit up recently for the most gracious wedding between Rajkumari Maanvi Kumari of Jobat with Kunwar Tejveer Singh Jhala of Jhadol. THe JHaDol-JobaT royal WeDDInG Bride Rajkumari Maanvi Kumari (Jobat) with groom Kunwar Tejveer Singh Jhala (Jhadol) Groom

Kanwar Lakshyaraj Singh and Kanwarani Nivritti Singh of Mewar Udaipur

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