The incorrect way to vacation


A man in Florida has left the internet quite amused by his actions. A man identified as Zachary Seth Murdock recently broke into a house, took a nice warm bath and nap, and even made himself a nice cup of coffee!
According to the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office, the man, whom the police have now arrested, had broken the front door’s glass to access the vacant vacation rental.
Soon after breaking in, he used the bathroom, napped in the bedroom, and even made himself “a nice cup of coffee” and left the mug on the back porch.
The police shared a post on Facebook and even called it “The Incorrect Way to Vacay.”
They wrote, “The suspect had smashed the glass on the porch door, entered the unoccupied vacation rental, used the bathtub, slept in the bedroom, made himself a nice cup of coffee in a mug , and filled the kitchen trashcan with trash (including his bus ticket stub).
They further added, “Let’s just say he was not the type of criminal to try to cover his tracks and was identified as Zachary Seth Murdock (DOB: 11/18/93).”
That evening, the police were called to investigate another burglary at a different residence in the same neighborhood.