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The fourth dimension of India’s maritime warfare

Ashish Singh



maritime warfare
The fourth dimension of India’s maritime warfare

Watching the Republic Day parade this year, one could be struck by the similarity in outward appearance of the marching contingents of the Indian Navy and Coast Guard. Both contingents were dressed in smart black suits with distinctive white accoutrements, reflecting their common heritage and origin. Post 1962 border war with China, our strategists realised the importance of a paramilitary force to guard our land borders, which resulted in raising of the Border Security Force, which was mandated to secure our land borders with Pakistan, China, Myanmar and Bangladesh. However, it was not until 1978 that the Coast Guard was carved out of the Indian Navy and mandated with protection of our maritime borders and Exclusive Economic Zone, also called the EEZ, which extends up to approximately 350 km from our coast.

Coming back to the Republic day parade, the Indian Navy, in a conscious bid to focus the message on its responsibility towards ensuring safety of navigation in the Indian ocean, showcased its most potent air and surface platforms: long-range maritime patrol aircraft P-8I, aircraft carrier Vikramaditya and destroyer Kolkata. The subtle message being that the Navy has reach and capability to monitor the entire Indian ocean, an area of over 70 million kilometre square. By contrast, the total land area on surface of planet earth is 148 million kilometre square! This proves that the Indian Navy has a tough task on its hands and would need all available assets to monitor this area. The Indian Navy is also the prime responder to all countries fringing the Indian ocean for disaster relief and humanitarian operations, be it cyclones, floods, water shortage, volcanic eruptions, etc. In addition, foreign cooperation activities are undertaken by the Indian Navy with almost all countries in the Indian ocean (with notable exception of Pakistan), under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s SAGAR initiative which translates as Security And Growth for All in the Region.

The recent relief operation in Madagascar, quirkily named ‘Operation Vanilla’ (no reference to the ice cream flavour, rather a harkback to the colonial practice of growing vanilla plant on these Indian ocean islands), showcased the Indian Navy’s outreach to these countries. A landing tank ship, Airavat, on a routine mission, was diverted after an international call for help by the Prime Minister of Madagascar. This ship, which was already carrying nearly 4 tonnes of food items, makeshift tents, clothing, medicines, water, etc (I believe all navy ships proceeding to outside waters do so nowadays), was the first to reach Antisiranana port in North Madagascar and provide this relief. On the lighter side, while most of us have heard about this remote island nation from the eponymous Disney movie involving runaway zoo animals from New York Zoo, the Indian Navy is no stranger to Madagascar, having been engaged with this country by way of ships visits and cooperation activities, for some decades now.

The Coast Guard, as the name suggests, was primarily formed to relieve the Indian Navy of the constabulary role and keep the Navy’s focus on war-fighting and exerting India’s influence in the Indian ocean. The growth of the Coast Guard, which is also under the Defence Ministry, was however in fits and spurts (due to the near-continuous focus on our land borders by previous governments). This was until Ajmal Kasab and his cohorts launched the seaborne massacre in Mumbai on 26 November 2008. The recrimination and soul-searching that followed resulted in coastal defence of India (including coastal security) being handed over to the Indian Navy, with the Coast Guard in a supporting role (to primarily provide coastal security). The thinking probably was that the Navy would hand-hold the Coast Guard in developing its coastal security capability till the time the Coast Guard was ready to undertake its mandate independently. In the 11 years after 26/11, growth of the Indian Coast Guard has been phenomenal. A large number of ships and aircraft of all shapes, roles and sizes have been added to make our Coast Guard the fourth largest in the world (Coast Guard is likely to grow to 200 ships and 100 aircraft by 2023). This expansion resulted from a concerted effort by all government agencies involved in coastal security to enable the Coast Guard to find a firm footing and to provide concomitant funding. The Navy, in the meantime, purchased a large number of smaller platforms for coastal security and sought to use high-end technology to support coastal security, also creating the IMAC Centre in Gurgaon to draw an electronic net around our coast. So where are we headed in terms of roles of the Indian Navy and Coast Guard in furthering our national interests and looking after our coastal security? Most defence analysts I have spoken to indicate that there is now a large grey zone within which both the Indian Navy and Coast Guard are operating simultaneously, sometimes duplicating efforts and on rarer occasions, also at cross purposes.

A recent case in point: while Indian Navy was escorting Indian merchant ships in the Persian Gulf (to protect critical shipping trade due to Iran-USA crisis), along with nearly 80 other foreign warships of various countries doing the same for their own merchant ships, a Coast Guard ship was simultaneously on a ‘goodwill’ visit to Gulf states. It seems that our maritime mandarins in South Block have missed the forest for the tree! The ship, Samudra Pehredar, incidentally a state-of-the-art pollution control vessel, has light self defence capability, and is mainly required to protect our EEZ from major oil spills. Similarly, both the Indian Navy and the Coast Guard are utilising a bulk of their platforms and considerable manpower to scour the coast on 24×7 basis, to prevent another 26/11. While the Coast Guard has been procuring vessels suited to this task (and in great numbers), the Navy has sadly been forced to utilise a considerable portion of its precious budget for smaller platforms which are suited for coastal security. What would I propose to solve this maritime conundrum? Our strategic maritime community needs to reassess the precipitative actions taken after 26/11 and examine the current capability of our Coast Guard. The Balakot strikes in last February have also taught us that any armed force could be called to action at a moment’s notice and we are on a hairtrigger which would need to be pressed, even by the unilateral action of a single jihadi.

The Indian Navy and Coast Guard therefore need to be provided greater separation in their roles and responsibilities, whilst still supporting each other in their primary mandates, to the extent feasible, and in a coordinated manner. The Indian Navy should be slowly divested of coastal security, freeing up its large and armed ships for sailing well beyond our waters. The Coast Guard should be given complete jurisdiction of the Maritime Zones of India (up to around 350 km from the coast) for all legal and economic related issues. The two maritime forces of the nation, working along clearly mandated lines and utilising their precious assets for exactly the role that we the citizens paid for, would greatly enhance our war-fighting ability, coastal security and support to Indian ocean countries. The Indian Navy has always claimed that it operates in all three dimensions of maritime warfare: air, surface and sub-surface. I would argue that in the Indian context, the fourth dimension of maritime warfare is coastal security, towards which our maritime security managers need to pay much greater attention.

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No one can do injustice to Jammu now: Amit Shah



Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Sunday said that “the time of injustice to the people of Jammu is over, now no one can do injustice to you”. While addressing an event after the inauguration ceremony on IIT Jammu, the Union Home Minister said, “I came to Jammu today to say that time of injustice to the people of Jammu is over. Now no one can do injustice to you. Some are trying to disrupt the era of development here, but want to assure you that no one will be able to disturb the era of development.”

On the second day of his three-day first visit to Jammu and Kashmir post the abrogation of Article 370, the Union Minister visited forward areas at the Makwal border in the Jammu region. Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha accompanied him to the forward areas at Makwal. Shah interacted with jawans and local residents during his visit. On Saturday, he had met the families of the soldiers and civilians who had been killed by terrorist in this month.

Earlier in the day, Shah inaugurated two phases of a multi-disciplinary research centre and laid the foundation stone of the third phase of the centre at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Jammu. Shah also remembered Prem Nath Dogra on his birth anniversary. “Today is the birth anniversary of Prem Nath Dogra. People of India can’t forget him. He along with Shyama Prasad Mukherjee gave the slogan that in a country two Vidhan, two Nishan, two Pradhan will not work,” he added.

On Monday, the Union Minister will visit the Kashmir valley and inaugurate and lay the foundation stones of various development projects in Srinagar.

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PM Modi, during his Mann ki Baat, spoke of how drones were being used to prepare digital land records in villages. He also spoke of the exponential rise in the number of women security personnel.



Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said that India’s new drone policy is already showing great results and highlighted that India is one of the first countries in the world to prepare digital records of land in its villages with the help of drones. Addressing the monthly radio programme Mann ki Baat on Sunday, PM Modi said, “One of the things that is capturing people’s imagination is the usage of drones in India. Youngsters and the world of start-ups are very interested in this subject.” “The drone sector was filled with too many restrictions and regulations. This has changed in recent times. The new drone policy is already showing great results,” he added.

The Prime Minister said, “On 25 August this year, the country came up with a new drone policy. This policy has been made according to the present and future possibilities related to drones. In this, you will no longer have to get involved in filling up many forms, nor will you have to pay high fees as before.”

In his address, the Prime Minister said that Nano-urea was sprayed in fields through drones in Bhavnagar, Gujarat. “Drones are also playing their role in Covid vaccine campaign. We saw this in Manipur, where vaccines were delivered via a drone to an island. Telangana also did trials for vaccine delivery by drone,” said PM Modi.

“India is one of the first countries in the world, which is preparing digital records of land in its villages with the help of drones. India is working extensively on using drones for transportation,” he added.

“Mann ki Baat” is the Prime Minister’s monthly radio address, which is broadcast on the last Sunday of every month however, this time the programme was broadcast on the second last Sunday of the month.

While speaking about India breaching the 1 billion vaccination mark against Covid, the PM said, “The success of our vaccination programme shows the potential of India, shows the power of the mantra of everyone’s efforts.” “I am well aware of the capabilities of my country, the people of my country. I knew that our healthcare workers would leave no stone unturned to vaccinate countrymen,” he added.

He also said that the nation should take inspiration in patriotism and unity from Sardar Patel, whose birth anniversary on 31 October is observed as National Unity Day.

“Next Sunday on 31 October is the birth anniversary of Sardar Patel. On behalf of every listener of ‘Mann Ki Baat’, and on my behalf, I bow to the Iron Man,” he said. “Sardar Patel used to say ‘We can inculcate patriotic feeling only if we stay united. With unity, we can take the country to new heights. If we are not united, then we will only be troubled with new difficulties’,” the PM added.

“Recently, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has also launched a book on pictorial biography of Sardar Patel. I urge everybody to read this book and get learn the lesson of unity,” he said.

“Gujarat Police and Tripura police have started bike rallies to the Statue of Unity in Gujarat. The initiative is a symbol of patriotism and unity,” he added. “Even, women of Jammu and Kashmir’s Kupwara district are also stitching Indian flags for the Indian and government offices. This action shows their patriotic feeling for the country,” he added.

The Prime Minister further appealed to everybody to stay united and do something for the nation. “We all have an obligation that we must join some activity that gives the message of unity,” he added.

The Prime Minister also recalled India’s efforts towards world peace and global wellness during Mann Ki Baat. Addressing the programme, PM Modi said, “India has always worked for world peace. The country has been participating in UN Peacekeeping Missions since 1950. We are also playing a leading role in poverty alleviation, climate change and issues related to labourers.” The Prime Minister also said that India is working together with World Health Organisation (WHO) to popularise yoga and AYUSH since March 2021. “A global centre for traditional medicine will be established in India,” he said.

PM Modi stated that Indian women have a big role in enhancing the power of the United Nations.

“When a universal declaration of UN human rights was being prepared in 1947, it was written that ‘All men are created equal’. However, an Indian woman delegate, Hansa Mehta interrupted and made a change to this universal declaration. After her interruption, it was written ‘All human beings are created equal’.” He added that another delegate, Lakshmi Menon also spoke vigorously on the issue of gender equality. “In 1953, Vijaya Lakshmi became the first woman President of UN General Assembly,” he added.

The Prime Minister also recalled the police personnel who had laid down their lives in the line of duty and highlighted that the presence of women security personnel naturally instils a sense of confidence among the people, especially women. The Prime Minister said, “Just a few days ago, on 21 October, we celebrated Police Commemoration Day. On this day we especially remember our brave hearts of the police who have laid down their lives in the service of the country. Today I would like to remember these policemen along with their families. A tough service like the police is very difficult without the support and sacrifice of the family.” “There is one more thing related to police service that I want to convey to the listeners of ‘Mann Ki Baat’. Earlier it was believed that services like army and police are meant only for men. But today it is not so. The statistics from the Bureau of Police Research and Development show that in the last few years, the number of women police personnel has doubled. In 2014, while their number was close to 1 lakh 5 thousand, by 2020 it has increased by more than double and this number has now reached up to 2 lakh 15 thousand,” the Prime Minister said.

“Even in the Central Armed Police Forces, the number of women has almost doubled in the last seven years. And I’m not talking just about numbers. Today the daughters of the country are performing even the toughest duties with full force and zeal. For example, many daughters are currently undergoing one of the most difficult training, that of Specialized Jungle Warfare Commandos. They will be a part of our Cobra Battalion. Friends, today when we go to airports, metro stations or see government offices, brave women of CISF are seen guarding every sensitive place.”

“The presence of women security personnel naturally instils a sense of confidence among the people, especially women. They naturally feel connected to women security personnel. Because of the sensitivity in women, people tend to trust them more. These policewomen of ours are also becoming role models for lakhs of other daughters of the country. I would like to request the women police personnel to visit the schools in their areas once the schools open and talk to the girls there,” the PM said.

While talking about Swachh Bharat, the Prime Minister mentioned, “A woman, Prabha Shukla from Meerut in Uttar Pradesh has sent me a letter related to cleanliness in which she has written that we should make cleanliness a daily habit because the whole country will become clean then.” Appreciating Shukla’s message, the Prime Minister said that cleanliness brings health and prosperity. “I appreciate Prabha’s message. Indeed, where there is cleanliness, there is health, where there is health, there is capability, and where there is capability, there is prosperity. That is why the country is giving so much emphasis on Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.”

The Prime Minister also emphasised on the “Vocal for Local” campaign while shopping for the upcoming festive season and requested the countrymen to take a pledge to ensure cleanliness in the neighbourhood. The Prime Minister said if one buys a Made in India product, then the house of a poor brother or sister, an artisan, or a weaver will also be lit up in positivity. “Friends, the efforts of cleanliness can be fully successful only when every citizen understands cleanliness as his or her responsibility. Now, during Diwali, we are all about to get involved in cleaning our houses. But during this time we have to take care that our neighbourhood along with our house should also be clean. It should not be that we clean our house, but the dirt of our house reaches outside, on our roads,” the Prime Minister said.

“And yes, when I talk about cleanliness, then please do not forget the mantra of getting rid of single-use plastic. Come, let us take a pledge that we will not let the enthusiasm of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan diminish. Together, we will make our country completely clean and keep it clean,” PM Modi said.

The Prime Minister said that the whole month of October is painted in the hues of festivals and after a few days from now Diwali will be around the corner. Diwali, then Govardhan Puja, then Bhai Dooj, these three festivals shall of course be there and there will also be Chhath Puja during this interregnum.

“It is also the birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji in November. When so many festivals happen together then their preparations also start long before. All of you must have started planning for shopping from now on, but do you remember, shopping means ‘vocal for local’. If you buy local, then your festival will also be illuminated and the house of a poor brother or sister, an artisan, or a weaver will also be lit up. I am sure that the campaign which we all have started together will be stronger this time during the festivals. Do share on social media about the local products you buy from there too. Inform those around you too,” said the Prime Minister.

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Auto & Tech

The most preferred shopping sites in 2022.




best online shopping websites to shop online in 2022

Here is the list of the best online shopping websites to shop online in 2022:

  1. Aliexpress
  2. Amazon
  3. eBay
  4. Google Shopping
  5. Asos
  6. Overstock
  7. Zappos
  8. Wish
  9. Etsy
  10. Eight

Before giving information about foreign shopping sites, it is useful to examine other recommendations that may be of interest to you and that we think will be useful to you.

1. AliExpress

E-commerce stores have become an inseparable part of our lives with the increasing use of the internet and the transfer of shopping needs to the virtual environment. It is now possible to shop from anywhere in the world, from stores on the other side of the world. China-based  Aliexpress  is one of the international virtual stores serving users from all over the world.

It attracts great attention from users due to the fact that it contains various product groups. On the site, producers and consumers have the opportunity to come together directly without intermediaries. The site, which was established in 2009 with the aim of selling to users by Chinese sellers, became one of the largest virtual stores in the world in a short time thanks to the intense interest it received.

AliExpress has hundreds of thousands of merchants and millions of products in different categories. Every product needed from the site, which is the most suitable market of the digital environment, can be purchased at prices many times lower than the market price. It is extremely easy to register and shop on Aliexpress, which stands out with its category and product variety.  

2. Amazon

One of the first companies that come to mind when it comes to online shopping,  Amazon is one of today’s record breaking technology companies. The site, which first started its activities with the sale of books, continued its services by adding products in different categories from time to time.

In a short time, the site, which has a product range that can easily meet all needs from clothing products to technology products, from electrical household appliances to kitchenware, also provides technological services in addition to product sales. Unlike traditional shopping sites, cloud storage and data processing service, and music and movie download service within the scope of subscription are the features that make the site different from its counterparts. 

3. eBay

eBay , which is one of the most popular e-commerce and export sites in the world, provides the opportunity to sell to different countries over the internet and to buy products from different countries. eBay, the online marketplace of the virtual environment, is one of the trusted addresses used by investors to sell products around the world.

Both new and used products can be sold on the site. Selling and buying is easy on eBay, which gives sellers the opportunity to list their top 50 products on the digital market for free every month. You can both sell and shop with an eBay account that can be opened for free without any procedure.

On the giant sales platform, where millions of transactions are made in a day, there are product categories to meet all needs, from old products to new products, from collection products to products with campaigns.

4. Google Shopping

One of the greatest conveniences technology offers to people is the internet. Like many transactions, shopping can be done over the internet, making it possible to benefit from the benefits of technology in the most efficient way. When it comes to the Internet, Google comes to mind directly. It is also a privilege to benefit from Google services in the shopping area, where all kinds of searches can be made and all necessary information can be accessed instantly.

With the Google Shopping service, users can search for products on online e-commerce sites. In addition, comparisons can be made between the products offered by different vendors by using the Google Shoppingi service. Billions of searches are made on Google in a day. Most of these searches are about shopping. Google Shopping service is used to meet the demand of users to buy products.

Google Shopping is not an online shopping site, but an advertisement presented to users by the search engine. Professional sellers use this option to reach their target audience. By using the Google Shopping service, users have the opportunity to access the quality products of large stores and make the right choice by comparing prices.

5. Asos

In the past, we used to go out on the street and wander around the store for hours, trying to find a product. But nowadays, we can reach the product we want in a short time over the internet. And without getting tired! Considering the possibility of purchasing economically priced products with opportunity campaigns thanks to Asos, a UK-based service provider, it will be understood how advantageous online shopping is.

The biggest advantage of the Asos shopping site is that it offers the opportunity to find products in numbers that can be called funny compared to other sites. Uninterrupted customer service support and prompt response to messages greatly satisfy users in terms of reliability.

The shopping site, where cancellation and return transactions can be made easily, has a rich product range that will make it difficult to decide on women’s and men’s clothing. For those who want to dress economically and follow fashion closely, Asos offers hundreds of products in different categories in a variety that will appeal to every budget. 

6. Overstock

Every product offered for sale in Overstock, one of the e-commerce stores of the online market with a long history, is delivered to the buyers in a short time. You can take advantage of the fact that you can buy various needs from clothing to cosmetics, auto parts, accessories and vitamin group from the site with the guarantee of the original product and have it delivered to your home.

Human needs are quite diverse. Some of these needs need to be met daily, while others need to be met periodically. With Overstock, it is possible to find the necessary products for all needs on a single site. The world’s giant store in America’s online shopping, which sells products in many different categories, brings quality products to internet users from all over the world.  

7. Zappos 

There is a great interest in online shopping throughout our country. However, not a day goes by that we do not encounter a new e-commerce store. However, while there is an opportunity such as the internet, those who want to open up to the world, not limited to our country, are in demand for foreign shopping sites.

Isn’t it a great advantage to reach the stores in the other parts of the world and shop from where you live? It is a privilege to buy products from popular stores that have proven their reliability, especially Zappos. Let’s say for those who do not know Zappos among the variety of online stores; Millions of clothing products, shoes and accessories are offered for sale on the site.

Free shipping is an economic opportunity for users when purchasing or returning products. In addition, the ordered product is delivered to the address of the buyers within 2 or 3 days. Other online stores do not have the opportunity to return a product purchased from the site but which is not liked or has problems, for one year. Uninterrupted access to the customer service support of the online sales site, where shopping can be made 24/7, is also possible.  

8. Wish

If you are looking for an online shopping site where you can find the products you love in different varieties and follow technology and fashion soon, Wish is a good alternative. Because on the site, hundreds of different stores from all over the world sell their products. This means that what you are looking for can be found easily.

The product variety is quite high on the site, which practically brings together buyers and sellers for a profitable shopping system for both parties. From Wish, a San Francisso-based service, shipping is made to all over the world, including our country. Wish products are very cheap compared to the market since they are sold directly from the factory without an intermediary company.

Personal payment options are also available on the site, which offers installments by credit card. Remittance or EFT options with a 5 percent discount can be used, as well as payment at the door. With the original product, reasonable prices and payment options, you can have a quality shopping experience on the Wish site.  

9. Etsy

The online shopping system, which has been used for a long time, has now turned into a classic activity. There are thousands of sites that serve as e-commerce stores. On these sites, almost the same products are offered for sale with slight variation in price ranges. Those who want to go out of the ordinary in online shopping are looking for a different site.

Etsy stands out with its unique products at this point. Etsy is a more advantageous site compared to other online companies. Because more handmade products are sold on Etsy. With its vintage-weighted product categories, it brings together those who want to sell or buy these special products.

Like other stores, Etsy does not have a product store. Millions of people on the site sell items with material and moral special value. You can directly access the products you are looking for on Etsy without searching for different items.  

10. Eight

The point we have reached in terms of technology has made our lives much easier. The developments that have taken place have been especially beneficial for us in terms of shopping. Nowadays, every product you want can be found on the internet. Many shopping sites with different names and capacities sell all the products needed.

Otto is one of them. On the site where special design shawls are sold, it is possible to find shawl models that will complement daily use or special day combinations in the most elegant way. The product range is exceedingly wide, as the service is provided with different tastes and budgets in mind. Otto, where women of all tastes can easily find the models they are looking for, takes the classic shawl shopping experience to a special dimension.

The site, which generally sells at economical price ranges, also organizes special campaigns for users. Offering dozens of shawl models to buyers, Otto also keeps customer satisfaction at the highest level with its superior service quality.

How Do I Know If A Shopping Site Is Trustworthy? 

Shopping online is very convenient. Considering the affordable prices in addition to the opportunity to shop without getting tired, online stores are the smartest option to meet the needs. However, online shopping has some risks as well as convenience and advantages. Chief among these is security. Those who want to shop online without experiencing victimization   are doing research on reliable shopping sites . In fact, it is possible to shop reliably on the internet by paying attention to a few simple points. 

Pay attention to the address bar: There is a lock sign in the address bar of trusted sites. In addition, the “https” tag, although not a reliability criterion alone, still serves to distinguish corporate sites. The Google search engine warns users when they enter an unsafe site. 

Price information:  Comparing the price information of the site with different sites before shopping will give a clue about security.  

Advertising phenomenon: As you  know, advertisements appear on the sides of almost every shopping site. However, some of them have too many ads. This is a security criterion for shopping sites.  

Company information : Company information of corporate shopping sites is given clearly. If both the sites serving in our country and  foreign  shopping sites provide reliable service, company information is definitely given in the about us and communication sections.  

Frequently asked questions and comments : It is useful to do research and read the comments before buying a product from a shopping site. Corporate companies provide access to comments made by customers. In addition, extra attention should be paid to frequently asked questions and answers given by the site.  

Customer service : If there is a problem after shopping, whether there is someone to contact or not is one of the security issues to be considered in shopping sites.  

Social media:  Today, almost every shopping site has a social media account. The extent to which these accounts are actively used by the company can guide customers in terms of security.  

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News Plus




As we spent yet another year at home in our pyjamas, the ongoing festive season has given us the perfect excuse to dress up! It is that time of the year when festivity in India is in its full swing. India boasts of an array of significant festivals, of which Karva Chauth, marks one important celebration for married couples.

Karva Chauth is a celebration of the pious bond between a husband and a wife. Ladies dress up to the nines and observe fast from sunrise to moonrise for a day for the safety and long lives of their husbands.

Undoubtedly, like every year, ladies would be stressed about choosing the perfect outfit for the special day. But do you think your search will be limited to finding a good dress? Of course not!

With your sartorial choices taking the front seat, do not forget to have your hands on the must-have jewellery pieces that not only compliment your clothes but also your personality.

Bhavesh Navlakha, founder of online fashion jewellery brand Sukkhi helped ANI list the trending jewellery pieces that would be a one-time investment for you to perfectly style your outfit not only for Karva Chauth but also for the entire festive season:

1. Pearl choker: Chokers are never out of style and are a beautiful addition to accentuate Indian outfits. The choker lends an edginess to your chosen ethnic outfit. An elegant pearl choker can elevate any outfit and give a rather classy look without being too heavy.

2. Long-chain jhumkis: Long-chain jhumkis, also referred to as Bahubali-inspired earrings, is a style statement that acts as the perfect addition to any ethnic outfit. It is a contemporary take on traditional earrings which adds a touch of glamour to your outfit without the need for any more jewellery.

3. Pearl bangles: Bangles are one of the most traditional accessories used in India. Bangles are a versatile jewellery piece that compliments our ethnic outfits. Adding jewellery pieces to your wrist acts as the perfect accessory to just about every Indian outfit.

4. Jhumkis: Jhumkis are immensely popular as one of the most worn jewellery pieces and is loved by everyone for their intricate design. Jhumkis can be paired with Indian ethnic outfits and also western outfits to create an eye-pleasing ensemble.

5. Kundan neckpiece: Kundan neckpieces look elegant and sophisticated and can glam up your outfit in no time. Not just for Karva Chauth, but Kundan sets can be worn by pairing them with your favourite outfit and layering the necklaces.

With jewellery trends constantly evolving and changing every year, we find it hard to keep ourselves updated on them. So, now that we have got you all covered, style your outfit with the above-mentioned jewellery pieces, making your ensemble not only look great but also speaking volumes for you!

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Needledust launches its first-ever store in Mumbai



India’s first-ever designer jutti label, Needledust is thrilled to announce the launch of their first-ever store in Mumbai at Reliance’s first premium mall in Mumbai’s Bandra Kurla Complex, Jio World Drive.

Housing more than 90+ premium and luxury brands, JIO World Driver is an exciting hub for luxury, fashion, shopping and entertainment. Located in Bandra Kurla Complex, and spanning across an area of 17.5 acres at Maker Maxity, Jio World Drive is Mumbai’s newest, vibrant urban hangout. The precinct is home to 72 prominent International and Indian brands, 27 culinary outlets with cuisines from across the globe, Mumbai’s first rooftop Jio Drive-In Theatre, an open-air weekend community market, pet-friendly services, a dedicated pop-up experience and other bespoke services. With an international consumer base, Needledust launched in 2014 with an original first of its kind product in the designer jutti space.

Following the immense success of their existing stores in Delhi & Chandigarh and a spectacular online presence on, this is a significant milestone for the brand as they open their doors to the tinsel town. 

Needledust brings to you a line of bespoke fine leather juttis that speak the charm of a true old school artisan with a desire to recreate this age-old craft for those who wear, admire, preserve its elegance and culture.

The celebrated label is all about unbridled passion for the revival of the jutti and unmatched craftsmanship, amalgamating the finesse of old royal moulds with innovative design and embroidery patterns that impeccably reflect 21st-century aesthetics.

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This wedding season, Manubhai Jewellers, a leading jewellery brand for over 30 years has made the process of finding the perfect jewellery for all the brides-to-be more special and remarkable. The brand has launched a new campaign called “Wedding by Manubhai” that features jewellery for every function – Sangeet, Mehendi and Wedding -along with a special traditional experience for all the new brides-to-be to wish them good luck and prosperity.

Speaking about the new campaign, Samir Sagar, Director, Manubhai Jewellers, said, “We at Manubhai Jewellers have been creating intricate and beautiful pieces of jewellery that balance between tradition and contemporary design to suit every occasion. For the wedding season, we want to take the opportunity to highlight the traditional values associated with our brand and offer a new bridal experience.” Manubhai Jewellers are popularly known for their specially crafted and curated collections in Mumbai. With a retail presence in Borivali, they cater to every customer’s needs ranging from beautiful modern diamond pieces to fanciful and chic gold wear, to traditional Kundan and Jadau jewellery. The brand is one of the few jewellers in Mumbai creating bespoke designs in Polki, Temple and Antique.

Additionally, Manubhai Jewellers are also committed to specialising in bridal jewellery called Madhuban. The Madhuban collection features beautifully handcrafted inspirational jewellery displayed in the store with a royal theme. Manubhai’s traditional concepts stand are brilliantly reflected through the indigenous craftsmanship of the Madhuban collection and has made the brand popular among the best jewellery shops in Mumbai. Further, all jewellers at Manubhai are hallmarked and certified.

Further, to make the moment special for new brides, Manubhai Jewellers have also introduced “Madhuban Delight” wherein the bride is first welcomed in a traditional way with the ‘Aarti thali’ and then gifted with a ‘Potli’ – a traditional drawstring bag that contains silver coins, vermilion, rice and Swastik that symbolise good luck, prosperity and imply the underlying cultural significance of ceremonial rituals.

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