The doorway to clear and creative thinking


Meditation is far more than learning how to relax. Meditation is a means to step aside, to let go of old patterns of thinking, and move into a space of mental and emotional freedom. When called upon, the mind can produce clear solutions, incredible and innovative ideas, and ways to resolve most dilemmas. However, as many of us can verify, this state of clarity and appropriate response is one that we may often find difficult to access and use. We need to find a way to access the amazing ability of our minds to support us in unimagined and inventive ways.
One of the main criteria for creative thinking is a clear and open mind. Yet, on examining most of our mindsets, we discover a landscape cluttered with old thinking, worried and anxious thoughts, and unrequited ideas and plans.
We may develop new thoughts and ideas, but occasionally something occurs that blocks their acceptance or initiation. They seem like great ideas, but maybe it was not the right time for that idea, or it was just unsuitable to that situation or simply not recognized enough to implement.
The sensible and right response would be to accept that it was a good idea but not for now, and move on. However, our ego can be loath to relinquish these situations. We can spend a long time in resentment and frustration as to why the idea cannot be accepted and acted upon. So, we hold fast to our disgruntlement, probably adding to a crowd of rejected or frustrated ideas. From a creative, open and free-thinking space, we imprison our attitude in resentment, jealousy, and anger, taking us into the shadowlands of rejection and isolation.
Our life’s journey is one of continuous progress and change. Circumstances, individuals, and attitudes are always reformulating into new scenarios that need new responses and fresh perspectives.
Because we have instilled the habit of refusing to let go, and free the mind for the next opportunity, then when the call comes to apply our minds to a new set of challenges, the mind finds itself disabled, trapped and confused in a forest of past thoughts.
To be aware that life constantly offers us opportunities for change, we can see that a new mindset is required at each turn. It is here that meditation helps us to approach decision-making with a clear and fresh response.
Disassociating from old agendas, the soul’s original spiritual and creative energies can be accessed and experienced. The mind, now in a state of clear awareness, can clearly assess the situation and circumstances, and connect with the bigger picture. In pulling together all the separated strands that often comprise a particular issue, the meditative mind can make the correct call.
Jim Ryan has a background in education. He is an author and a Brahma Kumaris Rajyoga teacher, based at the Global Retreat Centre, Oxford, UK.