The best bathroom design ideas for small spaces


In today’s evolving design landscape, small bathrooms present a canvas of unique opportunities. These compact spaces demand a thoughtful approach, where each element must harmoniously blend practicality with a touch of luxury. However, with the increasing desire for opulence in modern bathrooms, the challenge lies in maximising functionality without compromising on indulgence. In this pursuit, designers are exploring new frontiers from fixtures to storage solutions, showing that even in limited spaces, a touch of luxury can be seamlessly integrated into the essence of the area.

Space-Saving Fixtures
In small bathrooms, every fixture plays a transformative role in making the most of the available space. Opting for wall-mounted sinks and toilets creates a sense of openness by freeing up valuable floor space. Choosing a corner or floating vanity can further maximise floor space while providing essential storage solutions. Multifunctional fixtures like combination units that integrate a sink, mirror, and storage cabinet into a single compact module, save space while lending seamless aesthetics. Furthermore, fixtures with built-in features like towel racks, soap dispensers, or even a fold-down seat can eliminate the need for additional accessories, maximising both space and utility.
Vertical Integration with Suspended Fixtures
When floor space is limited, looking upwards can yield innovative solutions. Suspended fixtures, such as hanging toilets or ceiling-mounted showers, offer a unique and stylish alternative. By elevating these essential elements, you introduce a sense of airiness to the space, creating a more open and uncluttered environment. FIMA’s shower collections, including Harmonia and Design Showerhead, featuring ceiling-mounted fixtures, effortlessly combine style with space-saving functionality. This approach showcases a bold design choice yet emphasises the height of the room, making it feel more spacious and inviting.

Clever Storage Solutions
Effective storage solutions are significant in small bathrooms to maintain a clutter-free and organised space. Designers can explore innovative options such as recessed shelving and built-in niches. These elements save space while also adding depth and character to the design. Utilising vertical space with tall, narrow storage units or custom cabinetry can make the most of the limited square footage. Further, incorporating mirrored cabinets not only serves as storage but also visually expands the room, creating the illusion of a larger space.

Optimal Material and Colour Selection
In small bathrooms, the choice of materials can greatly impact the overall aesthetic and functionality. Lighter colour palettes, such as soft neutrals or pastels, can visually expand the bath space and create a serene atmosphere. Incorporating large-format tiles with minimal grout lines can give the illusion of a more expansive floor area. Fixtures in sleek finishes such as brushed nickel or chrome, add a touch of sophistication while maximising visual space. On the other hand, cabinets made of transparent or semi-transparent materials like glass or acrylic, contribute to an open and uncluttered feel. Further, utilising reflective surfaces, like glossy tiles or mirrored accents, can diffuse light around the room, further enhancing the sense of space.

Small bathroom design encapsulates the essence of space optimisation. Designers adeptly navigate the challenges posed by limited square footage, crafting environments that seamlessly balance style and practicality. Every element is purposefully chosen to ensure efficiency without compromising on aesthetic appeal. In these compact spaces, creativity flourishes, demonstrating that with ingenuity, even the smallest of bathrooms can offer a well-appointed and inviting retreat.
Aman Anand, Director of FIMA Carlo Frattini India,