Time for another Samsung device and this time it is an addition in the A series. I received the Black 6gb model. Inside the box you get it all. Type C charging cable and a 240-Watt power adaptor. DESIGN The device comes with in an attractive black color with a tinge of grey to it. […]

Time for another Samsung device and this time it is an addition in the A series. I received the Black 6gb model. Inside the box you get it all. Type C charging cable and a 240-Watt power adaptor.


The device comes with in an attractive black color with a tinge of grey to it. The new look to the model gives it the edge it needs. On the side you get a shiny premium plastic finish. The phone gets a nice glass back giving it a premium feel and appeal. On the right side we have the power button &the volume rockers. On the top of the phone there is a Mic sitting in the middle. You get a newly designed camera module which for sure is an attention grabber. On the bottom you get a headphone jack with another Mic. Next to the Mic you have the C port for 15 Watt fast charging and a single bottom firing speaker. Left top you get a sim tray which consists of slots for a micro-SD card and two sim cards. Great for internal storage. The device gets minimal bezel and even gets face recognition now which is easy to log in.


This phone comes with a 1080p Super AMOLED FHD Display with a 6.4 inches screen size with 90 hertz refresh rate & 20×9 aspect ratio (ratio between the width and height of the screen).

A32 is Samsung’s first non-flagship phone to get a higher refresh rate screen. The Display is good with a good contrast levels and sufficient brightness to give you a smoother experience and keeps the battery life in check as well.

The touch response has left me impressed. Talking about the fingerprint sensor which has been built into the bottom of the display has a quick & accurate response.


Samsung A32 comes with a Mediatek Helio G80 4G chip set. This chip is good for day-to-day use. I did a decent amount of gaming on this device played “Call of Duty mobile” with graphics settings set to medium with high frame rate setting. To be honest the experience was quite amazing keeping in mind the underpowered chip set that comes with this device. There were no major lag spikes while gaming on this device.

The A32 comes with a One UI 3.1 version & Android 11. One UI lets you customize your phone to suit your tastes and fully enjoy your comfortable Galaxy experience.

According to Samsung its new devices including the A32 will get software support for good time period with 3 major OS updates & 4 years of Security patches.


The A32 comes with 4 cameras on the back a 64 mega pixel quad bay or main with face detection autofocus plus a 8 mega pixel ultra wide angle camera , 5 mega pixel macro camera with and a depth sensor.

(16 mega pixel day light photos from the main camera are good overall there’s plenty of detail though. Fine details aren’t the sharpest.) There’s also little to no noise respectable dynamic range and colors that are more restrained than what we’re used to from Samsung.

The Portrait shots look okay for the most part though the subject detection can sometimes get tripped up. The more problematic part is the lack of HDR in portrait mode so you may end up with a blown out background.

The ultra-wide cam delivers decent 8megapixel images with an okay level of detail and not half bad dynamic range. The colors are less saturated than the main cameras and you don’t get distortion correction here so straight lines will appear curved towards the edges of the frame.

Close-up shots from the macro camera are pretty good for this class at 5mega pixel they have a resolution advantage over their competition which are using 2 megapixel sensors. But without autofocus it will be a trial and error to get sharp results.

Low-light photos from the main camera are unimpressive they are generally soft and noisy while the dynamic range is relatively narrow, and you’ll end up with dark shadow missing detail.

The A32 supports night mode on the main camera but for some reason for me it was quite buggy, quite often the camera app would freeze after taking a night mode shot and the images that would get captured in this mode would come out with some clearly messed up processing.

Nighttime shot from the ultra-wide camera are barely usable they’re quite noisy and dark. The dynamic range is narrow with clipped highlights. Luckily the night mode works on this camera without problem. The results are likeable with lifted shadows and recovered highlights and extra details in the dark.

Selfies taken with a 20 mega pixel front facing camera come out at 12 megapixels, but these are okay with good enough detail and natural looking colors

There is no support for 4K video on the A32 and I wasn’t too impressed with the quality of the 1080p video. Footage from the main camera has below average detail; the dynamic range on the other hand is reasonably wide.

Video from the ultra-wide has a heavily processed look that isn’t very appealing.


With the A32 you get a 5000mAh battery which is a good capacity keeping in mind the phones ergonomics. You also get a 15 Watt fast charging which lacks the 25 watt charging which we see on the other models of Samsung. With the fast-charging facility the phone would take about hour and half to reach a full charge. For me the 5000mAh battery in the A32 after a full charge lasted for week according to my usage. Even though Samsung claims that the battery would last for 2 days after a full charge.


Samsung A32 priced at INR21,000 is a great pick for its display, design, and battery for sure. What is lacks a good camera set up which is average and not the best I would say. We would have enjoyed a better processor for sure. More powerful processor would have made the device more desirable.