Terror outfits in J&K turn headless as Doval doctrine stumps Pakistan


Security forces are continuously running operations in Kashmir Valley to eradicate terrorists and the result of it is that every nefarious move of terrorists, backed by Pakistan, is failing. Security forces are working on a strategy of not allowing the new leadership of the terrorist outfits in the Valley to flourish. The terrorist factions are upset with the killing of about 30 of their commanders this year which is seen as the biggest success of the Ajit Doval strategy.

According to this strategy, a plan was made to kill the top commanders of all terror outfits. The security forces were given the list of top commanders of terrorist groups and the emphasis was on wiping them out and results of it are very much visible on the ground. Now Pakistan is constantly trying to send in some top terrorists through infiltration, so that they can be put in charge of terror groups in the Valley to give the organisation a boost. So far more than 150 terrorists have been wiped out in J&K since January.

The top official of the intelligence agency told The Daily Guardian that due to the alacrity of the security forces, every strategy of Pakistan has been foiled in the Valley. Most of the commanders of terrorist outfits in the Valley have been killed due to the strong and coordinated approach of the security forces. Due to this, most terrorist outfits have become devoid of leadership. The terrorists who have been given the command of these outfits have not been able to show enough activities and thus, their handlers sitting in Pakistan are furious.

Sources in the security force said that Kaifatullah was made the new kingpin of Hizb-ul Mujahideen. But so far, he has not been able to carry out any major attack in the Valley. Pakistan has also tried to make the Gilani faction of the Hurriyat more powerful through the new leader. After this, a conspiracy was hatched to revive Hizbul but this plan of Pakistan has also proved to be a failure.

Pakistan was trying to make Ashraf Sherai commander of Hurriyat. But the Jammu and Kashmir police house arrested him and after that, command was given to Aamir Hamza by Pakistan.

Sources said security forces are completely dominating at this point: As soon as there is an attempt to promote a new leadership, they go for the elimination option. Even when Kaifatullah failed to do any major attack, he tried to show his credibility by releasing a threatening video. According to sources, every attempt of terrorists has proved to be a failure. Because whoever is raising the head comes on the radar of the security forces.

Such has been the success of the move that almost all the big terrorist outfits operating in the Valley are on the verge of being devoid of leadership due to the elimination of terrorist commanders one after the other. During this period, the biggest success of the police and security forces has been that the common people have suffered the least — and this has managed to instill confidence in the general public, leading to more intelligence inputs for them about terrorists in the region.