Telangana CM inaugurates BR Ambedkar Secretariat building

On the auspicious occasion of the inauguration of the Dr. BR Ambedkar Telangana Secretariat Building, the chief minister greeted the people of Telangana state. The CM said that the secretariat is constructed by adopting the highest technical values while keeping in mind the administrative needs of future generations.

Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao said that the state of Telangana, which has been achieved through many sacrifices and a peaceful parliamentary system, has emerged as a role model state for the country and a thriving state in recent times. CM KCR said that the Telangana State Secretariat is constructed in an innovative manner in tune with the people’s aspirations, strengthens self-respect, and reflects the prestige of the state to shine brightly.

He said that the new secretariat is the country’s first eco-friendly, wonderful structure built to comply with all the standards and possess a slew of unique features. CM KCR said that the new secretariat is built for employees to work in a most pleasant environment and will greatly influence the functioning of the government to pave the way for a qualitative change.

CM KCR said that Telangana is the first state in the country to name the state secretariat after great leader Dr. BR Ambedkar. The CM said that the reason behind naming the Ambedkar Secretariat is to ensure SC, ST, and BC minority women and poor communities get equal rights in socio-economic, political, and cultural fields.

The Chief Minister said that the Telangana Martyrs Memorial and the sky-high Ambedkar statue stand as a guiding force for the next generations. The CM said that the Telangana state secretariat is named after Ambedkar with the big goal of delivering good governance to the people and receiving accolades from the nation by strengthening the state administration.

The CM said that, as the youngest state in the country compared to other states, Telangana is providing welfare governance for all sections of the population and stands as an ideal state for the country. CM KCR made it clear that the Telangana governance has become a model for the country in no time and that the Telangana governance will inspire the entire country spread across the country from the new secretariat.

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