Telangana polls: Vijayashanthi quits BJP, likely to join Congress


The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has suffered a huge setback during the ongoing Telangana Assembly elections as seasoned woman leader Vijayashanthi tendered her resignation from the party. The announcement came through a formal resignation letter addressed to BJP State President Kishan Reddy.

Sources say that Vijayashanthi’s decision stems from her huge dissatisfaction with the recent developments within the BJP. Allegedly, the state leadership has side-lined her for an extended period, leaving her disheartened. Her hopes of securing a ticket in the current elections were dashed, and the absence of her name from the list of star campaigners came as a surprising blow not just to her, but also to the political circles at large.

Despite various attempts at appeasement or assurances from the party leadership, Vijayashanthi found herself at a crossroads. Frustrated with the lack of acknowledgment and support, she made the pivotal choice to resign from the BJP. Reports indicate that she is poised to rejoin the Congress, a move that has been met with both anticipation and speculation.

In response to Vijayashanthi’s discontent, BJP leaders engaged in talks with the veteran leader, offered numerous assurances during the discussion. However, it appears that the promises made were not enough to retain her within the party, leading to her decision to part ways with the BJP. Congress, on the other hand, seems to have successfully wooed the seasoned leader back into its fold, with reports suggesting that she will formally join the party in Delhi after discussions with top leaders.

Senior Congress leader and Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) Vice President Mallu Ravi has confirmed Vijayashanthi’s imminent entry into the Congress. The timing of her official induction remains uncertain, creating a sense of anticipation among political observers.

Notably, whenever Vijayashanthi faced neglect from the BJP leadership in the past, she utilised social media platforms to dispel rumours of switching parties. However, amidst mounting dissatisfaction, her recent decision to sever ties with the BJP and return to the Congress has garnered attention and stirred conversations both online and offline.

As the Telangana Assembly elections unfold, the unexpected twist in Vijayashanthi’s political journey adds a new dimension to the state’s political landscape, leaving voters and party members alike to ponder the implications of this high-profile defection.