Telangana High Court Sets A Benchmark In Record Digitization, Inaugurated Digitization Wing


The Telangana High Court reached a milestone in record of digitization as Chief Justice Alok Aradhe launched a digitization wing to digitize all the Judicial and the Administrative records. The digitization wing is spread over 15000 sq ft and is expected to digitize at least 2,500 cases per day. The Telangana High Court began the task of scanning and digitizing of judicial and administrative records on September 15, 2017. The said initiative was carried out in collaboration with M/s. Stock Holding Document Management Services Limited, Mumbai. Therefore, the digitization project was stationed in the C-Block of the Telangana High Court Buildings and was equipped with all the necessary manpower, software, and hardware. The space of 12,000 square feet was allocated on the first floor of the C Block for the digitization project. Thus, an average of 1,200 cases were digitized per day which results in over 8 crore images having been scanned as of the October 17, 2023.
However, this being the significant expansion, the newly inaugurated Digitization Wing now has a spacious area of 15,000 square feet. Further, it is anticipated that 2,500 case records will be digitized daily.