Tamilisai Soundararajan, the Governor of Telangana, on Thursday came down heavily on K Chandrasekhar Rao-led government saying that the state government had shown enough contempt to the highest offices is worrisome.

“The contempt shown to Telangana’s highest office worries me. When the PM visits state, neither the CM nor any ministry welcomes him. He is not adhering to any routine, and as I travel the state, I observe other collectors doing the same. The collector has been receiving the governor for the past 1.5 years as per usual operating practise. I’ve never seen a police officer or SP welcome me. Between the executive branch, the state legislature, and the governor, there is a chasm.”

The Governor was addressing the conclave ‘India News Manch’ in the capital city on Thursday.

She further claimed that there is a hidden dictatorship in Telangana. The government here think the Governor must be a rubber stamp and should be silent, the Governor added. “In a democracy, everything belongs to the people, including the governor’s office. In Telangana, Raj Bhawan is referred to as ‘Praja Bhawan’. People believed that the highest office might be contacted for the issue when I was elected governor.”

Praising the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, she stated that “We were particularly concentrated on this infection, especially during Covid, and other health concerns were disregarded. Thanks to our Prime Minister that the World Health Organisation reviewed and declared that TB free world will exist by 2030. But our prime minister pressed forward for a TB-Mukt Bharat by 2025. Every patient’s demand was met by a donor; I took care of 100 patients, while Raj Bhawan took care of 10. Together, we provide nutritional kits once a month.”

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