Telangana CM allocates Rs 12,000 cr annually for free power to farmers

The Integrated Collectorate complex was inaugurated by Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao prior to his public address. The new facility aims to enhance administrative efficiency and provide better services to the people.
During his speech, Rao highlighted the remarkable progress made by Telangana in various sectors over the past nine years. He emphasised that the state had overcome challenges related to drinking water, electricity, and irrigation, ultimately putting an end to migration issues. Telangana’s achievements have positioned it ahead of more established states like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Gujarat, earning recognition for its development model.
The Chief Minister revealed that during his recent visit to Maharashtra, people were eager to learn about Telangana’s successful development strategies. They expressed their desire to replicate the “Telangana Model” in their own state.
Rao urged the public to consider the consequences of choosing a political party that intends to abolish key government schemes such as free power, ‘Rythu Bandhu’ financial aid for farmers, and ‘Dalit Bandhu’ to support Scheduled Caste members in starting their own enterprises. He called upon the people to decide whether they wanted the continuation of these beneficial programs or a change in leadership that might potentially halt their progress.
Telangana currently holds the distinction of being the top-ranked state in terms of per capita income. Rao attributed this success to the collective efforts of the government and the people of Telangana, emphasising that development could not be achieved by the efforts of a single individual alone.
As the Assembly polls draw near, the Chief Minister pledged to prioritise the development of the food processing industry. He revealed plans to establish food processing industries in every mandal across the state, further boosting agricultural productivity and creating new employment opportunities.
The public address by Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao served as an opportunity to reinforce the government’s commitment to supporting the farming community, highlighting ongoing initiatives, and defending the ‘Dharani’ portal against criticism. The upcoming Assembly elections will be a crucial turning point for Telangana, determining the future direction of the state’s development and welfare programs.

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