Telangana: Class 10th Telugu question paper of SSC examination leaked on WhatsApp

Another paper leak case has been reported in the state, where the class 10 Telugu question paper of the School of Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examination was allegedly leaked on Whatsapp, according to officials on Monday.

The TSPSC cancelled the March 5 Assistant Engineers (AE) exam due to allegations of question paper leakage on March 15. The TSPSC paper leak case sparked a massive political uproar, which sparked protests.

“Today first question paper of the class 10 Telugu SSC examination got leaked and went on doing rounds in Whatsapp before the examination began,” Thandur Mandal Educational Officer Shekar Goud said, referring to another paper leak case in the state.

When the information was received, the local police swung into action and arrived at the scene, according to Goud. “After receiving the information, police reached the government school from where the paper leak news was received. While investigating it was found that a school staff member clicked the picture of the question paper and circulated it on WhatsApp,” said Goud.

The accused employee has been identified as Bandeppa, according to officials.
“Preliminary investigation revealed that the students who took the exam did not receive the paper. However, police are investigating who Bandeppa sent the paper to and the reason for the leak “MEO Goud elaborated.

An investigation into the matter is currently underway. While YSR Telangana Party (YSRTP) chief YS Sharmila called on opposition leaders on Saturday to march to Pragati Bhavan in protest of the TSPSC paper leak case,

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