Tejashwi targets BJP on Covid-19, says it’s spreading virus


The Opposition has found a way to attack the Bihar government on the Covid-19 issue. Sniffing a political opportunity, RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav attacked BJP leaders and accused them of “spreading coronavirus” by not getting tested. He tweeted, “Of the 100 BJP leaders tested, 75 were Covid-19 positive. Who knows how many people are not letting themselves get tested?”

The BJP has already sounded the poll bugle in the state and has been conducting virtual rallies in the state and the same was started by Amit Shah himself. The RJD in particular has been training its guns at the BJP, accusing the party of having risked the people by holding rallies in the state.

 A couple of days ago 110 samples were collected from the local BJP office including that of some senior leaders. Till Tuesday, 24 had tested positive, including 5 senior office bearers. Now the state sresident too has tested positive in the state.

The BJP has reacted sharply to the jibes of Tejashwi. Senior leader Naval Kishore Yadav said, “He does not have the slightest of knowledge. BJP is a party with committed ideology and we can’t leave the people on their own. We believe in loktantra and not in pariwartantra.”