TAROT speaks


(MAR 21- APR 19)
Time to explore your intuition & psychic abilities. Career may be in a pause mode but it is temporary. Come out of your chronic procrastination & break old patterns with action. Mantra: “MOVE ON”.

(APR 20-MAY 20)
Time to explore past life wounds in relationship especially with spouse/lover. Time is ripe for transformation. Heart, mind balance with a focussed & progressive communication will help heal. Mantra: “BALANCE”.

(MAY 21- JUN 20)
Time to heal your money wound. Break away from old patterns by nurturing self & others. A promising venture is on the cards. Mantra: “ABUNDANCE”.

(JUN 21- JUL 22)
Time to heal your recurring pattern of failure/incompletion. Hard work will be rewarded with success & contentment. A person will help you in getting things done. Mantra: “FORTUNE”.

(JULY 23- AUg 22)
Time to listen to your intuition in matters of transformation. Patience & focus in communication with colleagues, parents & siblings will bring progressive growth. Compassion & forgiveness are the key words. Mantra: “AWARE”

(AUG 23 – SEP 22)
Time to redeem karma with authority figures. Have the courage to lead & share your thoughts. A disciplined approach will help in new beginnings. Mantra: “LEAD”

(SEP 23 – OCT 22)
Time to transform & upgrade your career & fitness goals. Consistency will be productive. Trustworthy advise from a friend or a loved one will lead to unexpected success. Mantra: “SLOW YET STEADY”

(OCT 23 – NOV 21)
Time to face challenges as opportunities by learning new things. Bring change in your situation by dropping negative & fear based thoughts. Meet emotional dissatisfaction with siblings with a playful approach. Mantra: “EGOLESS”

(NOV 22 – DEC 21)
Time to be cautious with your aspirations. To avoid emotional dissatisfaction review your options & consult for creative solutions. No need to hurry. Mantra: “PATIENCE”.

(DEC 21 –
JAN 20)
Time to review your decisions in creative pursuits. Have patience with the process of transformation. Accept change & secretly keep working on it.New paths will open. Mantra: “PATIENCE & PERSEVERANCE”

(JAN 21-
FEB 18)
Time to learn more about your dream work. Have courage to go beyond fear & confusion. Well- researched & analysed proposal will reap good results. Mantra: “REVIEW”

(FEB 19 – MAR 20)
Time to re work on your partnerships in life. Take charge of the situation & trust that transformation will be good. Anger & rebel can be kept at bay. Mantra: “LEAD”

Aarti Babul Bhasin is a certified facilitator for Past Life Regression Therapy & Inner Child Work. An intuitive tarot reader & a channel for collective consciousness, The Oneness. Her no 9987546317; Instagram handle livealittlesessions.