Tamil Nadu: customs officers detain a man for carrying gold paste worth Rs 15 lakh in his underwear

Gold bar

At the Trichy airport, customs officers detained a smuggler who was in possession of gold paste worth Rs 15 lakh. Tailored underwear was used to conceal the contraband. The interception revealed the defendant.

According to a report in India Today, officials intercepted a passenger on an Indigo flight from Singapore to Trichy after receiving a tip. When the officials investigated his undergarments, they discovered a packet that contained a paste after first being unable to uncover any gold.

A passenger flying on an Indigo from Singapore to Trichy was apprehended by authorities after they received a tip, according to reports. The officials first couldn’t find any gold, but when they searched his undergarments, they discovered a packet containing a paste.

Two layers of stitched-together fabric were used to cover the packet. Ripping off the underwear was followed by chemical treatment of the paste. The extraction produced 301 g of 24 carat gold weighing Rs 15.32 lakh. Further inquiries, according to officials, are underway.