Taking charge of your mind, and your life

Cases of mental disorder are growing exponentially across the world. This is happening in many ways. Some people get a disturbing thought and are stuck with it; they torment themselves by repeating it over and over again in their mind, unable to control their thinking. Fear, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and several other ailments rooted in the mind are spreading particularly fast among the youth.
Medical science has so far been unable to find a definitive cure for these conditions. These ailments afflict the mind, while the treatments that are being attempted target the brain, and the two are very different. Scientists have so far not clearly understood the distinction between the mind, intellect, and the brain. The mind and intellect are faculties of the soul, while the brain is a physical organ that serves as the body’s computer. The mind and intellect operate this computer.
It is important to understand how the mind works, in order to lead a healthy, peaceful, and happy life. We may achieve a lot in our career, but if we lack peace of mind, are often distressed, and easily become irritated, what kind of life would we have? Those around us would prefer to avoid our company. This is happening with a lot of people, and it is the result of their thinking. Once we change the way we think, our attitude, behaviour, and our whole world is transformed.
It helps to know a few things about the mind. There is a constant flow of thoughts in the mind. Earlier, psychologists used to say that a normal individual has, on average, 25 thoughts in a minute. This figure has now reached 40. In studies, some people have been found to have up to 70,000 thoughts in a day. Such a high volume of thoughts can be very harmful because the more we think, the greater the expenditure of mental energy; in other words, the weaker our mind becomes.
Every thought we create generates subtle energy, which flows through the body and also radiates from us.
That is why when there is a joyful occasion, people’s faces light up. That light comes from the happy thoughts they are having. Similarly, when we have negative thoughts and feelings, they not only darken our mood, but cause wider damage, triggering the release of hormones that harm our physical health and, if repeated over time, can lead to mental health issues.
To strengthen the mind, we need to slow down the speed of our thinking. We can begin by reminding ourselves every day that we are masters of our mind. Thoughts do not arise randomly – it is we who create them. Once we recognise this fact and make it a regular practice to sit quietly and watch our thoughts and emotions as they arise – which kind of thoughts and feelings are passing through the mind, and what triggered them, then we will begin to gain control over our thinking.
We can consciously create powerful, happy thoughts that will generate positive energy. When we wake up in the morning, the subconscious mind is active for a while, before the conscious mind becomes dominant. The thoughts we have at that time leave an imprint on the subconscious mind, forming a sort of blueprint that determines the kind of thoughts we will have the rest of the day. We can change the direction of our thoughts, and our life, if we make it a point to create purposeful good thoughts during the first ten minutes after we wake up, every day.
This is not some kind of magic – we are merely tapping into the powers latent in the soul. We have forgotten these powers, with which we can overcome any problem. We just have to remind ourselves, every day, that I am powerful, fearless, successful, and healthy. Do not look at your present condition – that is the result of your past thinking. Just create these positive thoughts, with full faith, and soon they will become your reality.


B.K. Surya is a Rajyoga teacher at the Brahma Kumaris headquarters in Mount Abu.

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