Supreme Court: Seeking CBI Response In Theatre Owners’ Plea To Return Property; Uphaar Fire Tragedy


The Supreme Court in the case Ansal Theatres and Clubhotels vs CBI observed wherein an appeal was moved by the owners of Ansal Theatres seeking the custody of the theatre and its premises, thus, the Top Court seek the response of the Central Bureau of the Investigation in connection with the Uphaar fire tragedy that happened in the year 1997.
In the present case, the plea was moved by Theatre owners in the year 2010, wherein stating that even after the victims were paid the compensation due, the theatre and its premises were not being returned to them.
The bench comprising of Justice KM Joseph, Justice BV Nagarathna and Justice Aravind Kumar was hearing the present matter.
Thus, the counsel, Senior Advocate R Bansant appearing for the appellants argued before the court that the theatre had been lying vacant from past 26 years.
Therefore, the senior counsel appearing for the Association of Victims of Uphaar Tragedy, AVUT then stated that the accused who has been summoned as a result of the Sessions Judge, has come here. Thus, let the said court gave the satisfaction of filing a reply to these affidavits.
It has also been pointed out by the bench that AVUT isn’t a party to matter that you being not a party. Thus, the nature of the petition is to give back the theatre. How it being your concern? And how are you been going to be adversely affected in the slightest way? In Fact, if you give them back the theatre to them, part of the payments [compensation], which according to you, which being due from them, that can also be paid.
The counsel appearing for AVUT in the case observed and stated that it being the matter of ‘justice’
The counsel appearing stated that this case being not about money, it is not justice. Thus, the matter in which people loss of their lives and the trial with this regard to this, if the real culprits go scot-free and the others serve sentences, the same would not be right.
The bench headed by Justice Nagarathna in the case observed and has asked that what has the accused persons’ conviction got to do with the return of the property to the owner.
Advocate on Record Sanjay Jain filed the plea.
Accordingly, the court listed the matter to be next heard on April 20.