Stunning mosque built by IB Group to be known as Azeez Masjid

Some structures are well known for their architecture. The IB Group, the country’s largest corporation recently constructed a mosque in Rajnandgaon which will be operated by the Azeez Memorial Trust. The mosque is also being viewed through the lens of tourism.

The beautiful mosque which is built on a 3-acre plot of land took nearly two years to complete. Around 200 Rajasthani workers worked day and night to complete the mosque’s construction and decoration. The fact that more than 500 worshipers can offer prayers at the same time demonstrates the grandeur of Azeez Masjid. Hafiz Kari and Imam Shah Nawaz Ashraf Haideri of Banaras addressed the gathering on this occasion.

Bahadur Ali, MD of IB Group, stated, “I wanted a mosque for prayers in Rajnandgaon several years ago after seeing one. The idea of constructing this mosque arose as a result of this. Apart from the craftsmen, we brought in stones, marble, chandeliers, lights, and other decorative items used in the mosque from other states and countries to fulfill the same vision.”
On March 21st, the mosque began a series of Fajr prayers at 5:10 a.m., with the participation of several worshippers.

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