Student visa interviews to start from November by the US Embassy

The US embassy in India has announced that interviews for the student visas will open from mid-November. Minister counselor for consular affairs at US Embassy, Don Heflin, said that the process of interviews will continue till the end of December.The announcement was made by Don Heflin while answering student visa queries for the United States related to waiting and processing time. He said, “We will open up for the first half in mid-October and for the second half in mid-November.”Last month, US missions in India said that record 82,000 student visas have been issued in 2022 so far, higher than in any previous year. Indian students received more American student visas than any other country, the missions added.Amid delays, foreign minister S Jaishankar also raised the issue of the huge backlog of US visa applications from India with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken.S Jaishankar said, “To the people who are concerned about the visa issues, I would like to give the message that I understand their anxiety and the urgency and which is precisely the reason why I took up the matter.”

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